Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Beach wheelchair Hua Hin Thailand

The best solution at 30 degrees celsius. The one and only real floating wheelchair in Thailand

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Beach wheelchair Thailand Hua Hin

A ling time ago we have imported a beach wheelchair with 4 balloon wheels to take long walks on the beach. People who depend on a wheelchair enjoy these walks along the water very much. Sometimes they even go into the water, but then have difficulties to get out.

But last year we have added a three wheel beach wheelchair which can float. And what happened?Guests of our wheelchair accessible holiday homes go into the sea, float around and get a lovely taint.
And to show you how well it floats, we have shot a small movie of a disabled guest with his permission at Khao Takiab Beach, Hua Hin, Thailand. Thank you, Harri. How long ago was your last dip in the sea?

In Hua Hin we have a private beach wheelchair for our guests. In France the First Aid Posts at the beach in Canet Plage have the same beach wheelchairs available for free. The guards even help you with moving over from your wheelchair. And after you do you can float around in the Mediterranean Sea. And how lovely is that?