Friday, 23 December 2011

Holiday wishes to all "disabled" people in the world.

To beloved family, dear friends, sweet neighbors and appreciated customers a Merry Christmas. Wheelchair Thailand wish you and your family a New Year in excellent health, with wonderfull accessible holidays, loving and tender care and family and friends nearby.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Wheelchair Thailand takes care in resort town Hua Hin.

Hua Hin
Yamaha dealer

In resort town Hua Hin Wheelchair Thailand lets two beautiful wheelchair accessible holiday accommodations.

Pool villa Coconut Grove is located just outside the center of Hua Hin and Apartment Tira Tiraa is located in the center of Hua Hin.

Housekeeper Kan takes care of the household in Coconut Grove spoiling our guest with her good service. Helping out wherever she can and drving around to get te groceries our guests want. For this she needed a new motorbike. The old motorbike was worn off.

Wheelchair Thailand can provide guests with a private care taker. The first steady care taker can take care of our disabled guests in both our accommodations. She can relocate herself by motorbike. A second caregiver works on call. She steps in when the demand of professional, polite and attentive care taking gets too high for one caretaker or just when our steady care giver has a day off. will extend their services in the future. Keep following this Blog for more information. Or email to with your request of a specific service.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Birthday celebration King of Thailand in Hua Hin

Ice carvers in Hua Hin, King's 84th birthday.
Last Monday 5 December 2011 the King of Thailand celebrated his 84th birthday. It is a national holiday. People have a day off. All day traffic is very quiet because the people are looking television. They watch the celebration in Bangkok and listen to the King's speech. They watch ceremonies to honor the King all over Thailand.

In Hua Hin it is business as usual. Only public officials have a day off. But in the evening people are coming out of their houses and start to celebrate. Everything is well decorated with flowers, lights, candles, pictures of the King and Queen and arches to announce the King's birthday. Near the Hua Hin Municipality ice carvers are making statues with pictures of the King in it. Many people are walking on the square and looking at the statues. They walk along the food stalls and buy some food and drinks.
At 20.45 hr. decorative lights and streetslights are turned off. Cars are stopped by the police and have to turn of their engine and lights. People and police lit candles and start to sing a song wich is ending with the Phrase: "Long live the King". The celebration was ended with fireworks.

A beautiful day for the King, the King's family, people of Thailand and tourists. Wheelchair Thailand / liked this celebration in Hua Hin very much.


Thursday, 24 November 2011

Book now. Accessible holiday home in Hua Hin.

Our wheelchair accessible rental home is available for holiday from Febuary 2, 2012 till April 10, 2012.

The pool villa has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. One bathroom has a roll in shower, drop down shower seat and drop down grips next to toilet.
One accessible bedroom has a electrical adjustable bed and a monkey pole.
Medical equipment like a shower wheelchair / commode are available on request and usage is free of charge.
Pool and whirlpool are accessible by pool hoist. Floats and life jackets are available.
A housekeeper maintains the house, garden and pool, washes the linen and clothes of our guests, prepares breakfast, shops for groceries and assists with planning trips.

Wheelchair accessible airport transfer on request. See here a YouTube movie Wheelchair accessible van with Q-straint wheelchair and passenger restraint system.
And in case you like you can have the same care takers to accompany you during daytrips and assist you with day to day life.

Every booking of 14 nights or more gets a free airport transfer from Bangkok to Hua Hin in this wheelchair accessible van.

Email for offer to Wheelchair Thailand Hua Hin.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Care taker or nurse in beach resort Hua Hin, Thailand

Since 2005 my wife and I travel to Hua Hin, Thailand frequently. And as many of you already know we rent out several accommodations in this lovely beach resort.
My wife and I like to travel independently. Our driver drives us around in our wheelchair accessible van. And I like to take some Thai care givers with me.
In this movie you can watch me and my wife with two care takers. We travel around in Hua Hin and Cha-am. We drive to Plearnwan, FN Outlet shopping mall, Teakwood Palace and Cha-am Beach. These care takers like to work for you too. These women are very friendly, service minded and generous professionals. They assist you with day to day life in the way you like. Do you like to meet them? Do you like to travel around in this van? Come and stay with us in Hua Hin and meet them in person.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Thailand flood, road map updated every day.

ดู แผนที่น้ำท่วมทางหลวง โดย กรมทางหลวง ในแผนที่ขนาดใหญ่กว่า

For those people looking for info about the highways in Thailand which are effected by the flood here is a map which will be updated every day.
Thai speaking people can call for more information about the highways. The phone numbers are 1586 and 1784.

According to this map the highway from International Airport Subvrnabhumi in Bangkok to Hua Hin is still open. Just a small part of this road, 3-6 km, is flooded with 20 cm of water.
Volunteers are helping out filling and piling up sandbags to protect the airport. It's not easy for disabled travel in Thailand at this moment.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Update Floods Hua Hin, Thailand

Hua Hin Station
Hua Hin, Thailand

Every day we hear news about the flooding in Thailand on our national broadcasting channels. We hear that the situation in Bangkok is very critical. But the International Airport Suvarnabhumi in Bangkok and the roads to Hua Hin are still open. Japanese experts are monitoring Suvarnabhumi Airport daily.
Protection of the airport has the same priority as Siriraj Hospital where the King resides at this moment.

Many people have left Bangkok and moved to Hua Hin and other towns. They have rented a house, live in a hotel or guesthouse or live in their own condo or apartment. Tourists and local people are safe in Hua Hin, Cha-am and Pranburi.

All these people have to eat while they are here. As results there is a shortage of beer and Coca Cola. Malaysia helps out and is sending supplies to Thailand.

More information about the floods can be found on the website of the Bangkok Post, a news paper in English.

We keep you updated.

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Thailand Floods, Road travel Bangkok / Hua Hin

Here is a road map of Bangkok which shows the flooded areas. Travelling can be difficult due to high water levels. Flooded areas disabled local people to drive to work and travel to family.
Arrival by plane is still possible because there is a dam around the international airport Suvarnabhumi in Bangkok. Travel towards the popular tourist destination like Hua Hin, Pattaya and Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai is also possible.

More information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign affairs The Netherlands. Or an English version of the Tourist Authority Thailand.

And the weather forcast for the Province Prachuap Khiri Kan where Hua Hin is located can be found on the website of the Thai Meterological Department.

We keep you updated.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Festivals Hua Hin, Loi Kratong

November 10, 2011
Loi Krathong festival

Thailand knows many festivals and one of these is the Loi Krathong festival. Loi Krathong is the festival of light. It is celebrated on the evening of the twelve lunar month, on November 10, 2011.

When the moon rises people gather along lakes, rivers and canals toput their self made Krathongs into the water. A Kratong is made of banana leaves, with a candle, myrte and Thai coins. Sometines it contains lotus flowers and carved fruit and vegetables.

The Krathong is an offer to the "Mother of the water" and when it floats away it tkaes sins and bad luck with it. The further it flats away the more happiness and prosparity it will bring in the future.

When you are in Hua Hin you can watch the parades coming from the Hua Hin train station onto the Petchkasem Road to the Queen's Park, where opening ceremonies with music are held. Around midnight local people will put their Krathongs into the water.

Many tourist and temporary residents watch this event. In case you need a nap due to your handicap take this in the afternoon and be part of this festival later that day.  Find yourself a nice spot comfortable sitting in your wheelchair and make some colourfull pictures to remember this special event during your disabled holiday in Hua Hin, Thailand.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Design for all, Society for accessible travel and hospitality

SATH, Society of Accessibility
for Travel and Hospitality, USA
September 2011
Design for all, India

A few months ago Mrs. Jani Nayar invited us to write an article about accessibility for the disabled traveller in Thailand. Mrs. Nayar is executive coordinator of SATH (Society for Accessible Travel and Hospitality) in New York and was guest editor of the September newsletter from Design for all in India. We were very honoured with her request and happy about the possibility to promote accessible travel in Thailand.

In our article we wrote about accessible (public) transport, accessible accommodations and accessibility of tourist sights in whole Thailand, but mainly in Bangkok and Hua Hin.

Go here to read the article, page 55 to 64.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Review of Australian guest in Accessible Holidays Apartment

A review of our Australian guest in wheelchair accessible Apartment. He travelled with his Thai wife and daughter. We like to thank him for this review and hope to meet him again in Hua Hin.

Travel! Just do it!

If you have a disability, especially one requiring a wheelchair, the trepidation and anxiety that can fill your mind can be enough to put you off going anywhere.

Even when you do commit it’s hard to muster that natural excitement you should be allowed when going abroad. On the flipside the rewards for ‘just doing it!’ can be well worth it and to get some peace of mind before setting off- Research!

My recent trip to Hua Hin in Thailand was wonderful and it came down to the homework I did. You are not the only one in the world with a disability who wants to enjoy their life. Duh!  I found a couple from Holland who have a villa and an apartment in Hua Hin that I could rest assured was wheelchair accessible as he needs it to be as he has muscular atrophy. And they have thought of everything from roll-in showers, electric beds, private pool hoist, air-con, beach wheelchairs, portable ramps, airport transfers and transport in an accessible van right through to recommending a competent nursing agency that can assist anyone who requires it.

Hua Hin itself is a quite laid back and mellow town when compared to Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket. It is where the King lives and where many Thai people themselves choose to holiday. Thai hospitality in my opinion is unsurpassed and Hua Hin is a non-threatening place not so renowned for sex tourism as other places. The healthy fresh seafood and Thai offerings are a sumptuous delight and combined with swimming and massages I left with more vitality than I arrived with no doubt.

Not all the shops are accessible and the curbs can be high but if cautious you can just use the roads and find the places you can get into, like wonderful restaurants on stilts where the water is lapping under you and the seafood is still alive in brine tanks nearby. That’s fresh! Go onto the jetty and watch the boats come in or right near the apartment you have the night market for shopping and more eateries. Don’t be afraid to get a real cheap feed from the street vendors either- satay sticks, dried and rolled flat squid and banana roti’s or corn on the cob with spiced sugar, Thai grapefruit with a sugar/chili blend. Yum!

I write this for anyone who thinks of travelling but lets the perceived difficulties get in their way. Yes things can go wrong and awkward moments may arise but that goes for anybody disabled or not. The comforts of home are great but so are the experiences to be had away from your own doorstep.

Hanneke Fronik

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Food for winners, survivors of the fittest.

Elephant Polo Tournament
King's Cup Hua Hin
5 September 2011

Last Monday a great spectacle began and was present with a few guests of their wheelchair accessible accommodations to witness the ceremonial opening of the King's Cup Elephant Polo Tournament in Hua Hin. We saw the Parade and the Elephant buffet and were amazed how well trained  these elephants were and how close we could get to make some pictures.

Twelve international teams will compete for the King's Cup. From Tuesday till Sunday matches will be held with the semi-finals on Saturday and the finals on Sunday.  A Royal Representative will handover the King's Cup to the winner. More information about the matches and the rules can be found in this booklet.

The tournament is held on the Somdej Phra 16th Infantry Division Suriyothai Camp in Hua Hin opposite Suan Son Beach. Just follow the road signs after the flyover and you will get their. The entrance is free and it is wheelchair accessible. Only keep in mind that the tournament is held on grass grounds and although it is fairly smooth it can be a bit bumpy to you and your wheelchair. And in case you use a manual wheelchair you might need some assistance.

A few tips. It is an open area fully exposed to the sun and rain. So take at least a hat, sun screen, drinking water and a umbrella with you to see these giant suvivors of the fittest.

Have fun.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Company clothes for Wheelchair Thailand employees.

August 3, 2011.
Wheelchair Thailand
Wheelchair accessible Pool villa Coconut Grove, Hua Hin.
Adapted apartment Tira Tiraa with wheelchair access Hua Hin Centre.

Company Cap Wheelchair Thailand
Since four years our employees are very proud to work for our company. They enjoy welcoming you as our disabled guests. They are a blessing to our guests in wheelchairs and can almost fulfill every wish. We are very happy they work for our company and together we make your holiday one you never will forget.

Do you like to work for Wheelchair Thailand? Are you looking for a job as driver in our company car or care taker / second housekeeper in pool villa Coconut Grove in Hua Hin? Write your job application letter and resume in English to .

Friday, 5 August 2011

Review Accessible apartment in Canet Plage, France

View to Canigou from Canet en Roussillon.

Just a review in Dutch from one our our customers in our wheelchair accessible apartment in Canet en Roussillon, South of France. Their story can be translated woth Google translate from Dutch into English.

Beste Jan en Hanneke,

Nu alle spullen van onze vakantie weer zijn opgeruimd heb ik gelegenheid om jullie een emailtje te sturen.

Allereerst willen we jullie bedanken voor de geweldige verrassing die ons te wachten stond ter gelegenheid van het 10 jarig bestaan van jullie activiteiten. Theo en Johanna hadden een leuk voorstel namelijk een etentje bij een thuisrestaurant in de buurt van de Canigou. Op woensdag in de tweede vakantieweek zijn we naar Prades gereden, waar Theo en Johanna ons hebben meegenomen naar een thuisrestaurant in klein dorp in de buurt waar gastvrouw Isabel een heerlijke maaltijd had gemaakt. Naast de indrukwekkende omgeving van de Canigou en de huiselijke sfeer van het restaurant hebben we allen genoten van de heerlijke voor- hoofd- en nagerechten, afgesloten met een lekker kopje koffie en een stevig drankje.

Hierna zijn we nog naar een ommuurd stadje geweest waar we op een terrasje nog wat hebben nagepraat, kortom een dag om niet te vergeten.

We hadden dit jaar wat minder weer dan de andere jaren, er was vrij veel wind en de avonden waren wat kil. Alleen de laatste avond was het aangenaam weer. Maar als je het weer in Canet met het weer in Nederland vergelijkt dan hadden we nog veel geluk.

We hebben dit jaar wat meer tochtjes gemaakt en dat ging goed.

Tot ziens, J en D.

Do you like to have more info about this apartment then take a look at our homepage here. Or just write an email.
We already take reservations for next years high season and school holidays.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Accessible restaurants in Hua Hin Thailand

August 1, 2011
Hua Hin, Thailand

After searching and visiting many restaurants we have found another restaurant with wheelchair access. Or better you can sit outside underneath a roof protected from the rain and the sun with tables where your wheelchair and legs fit under. And this restaurant is worthwhile a visit.

The restaurant called S&S Indian Food is a family business where they prepare fresh food every day. And you can taste this. We have eaten Chicken Tikka Missala and Chicken Do Piyaza together with Naan and Yellow rice, a soda water and a Diet Coke. And this for 270 Baht.
You can find this restaurant on Soi 94 at the left side before the railway crossing.

So when the quality of the food is perfect, the price is right and the place is wheelchair accessible we will visit and tell them how good the food is. So have dinner with them. They deserve it.
And give your review here.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Cultural Thai Dance and dinner show.

February 5, 2010
Bangkok, Siam Niramit.

A few days ago a friend asked us how the name was of that theater in Bangkok. "It is Niramit" we told her.
This theater close to Makkasan Airlink Station offers a beautiful Thai cultural Dance, Folk and dinner show. Before the show is a lot to see and the food is fine.
The show is really great and the building and surrounding areas are all wheelchair accessible. Restrooms, restaurant, public telephone, all made accessible for wheelchairs. This is the first time we saw this kind of adaptions for disabled in Bangkok. Wheelchair users are seated in the front row and their partners and/or companions are seated behind them on the second row.

Have fun and don't forget to share your experience here where you have found the information.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Vineyards in Thailand with wheelchair accessible restaurant

July 17, 2011
Hua Hin Hills Vineyards.

Two weeks ago we have visited this vineyard. It has a nice bistro with European food on the menu. And it wouldn't be a vineyard if you couldn't taste wine.

Staff is well trained in handling wine and the wines are fairly good although you might think Thailand is not the country to grow wines. But we like the white Monsoon valley wine very much. It goes well with pasta, fish and Thai food. Perfectly served in a wine cooler on a stand. Staff pouring wine with the label in sight and avoiding to touch the glass. This is how it should be.
This is really a nice place for a lazy Sunday afternoon. No river in sight but the view over the vineyards will make this up. It is gourgeous. On Thai Holidays make reservertions up front. And after your meal or wine taste experience take a walk accross the place. Make some nice pictures or shoot a movie. Have a look at mine and see what you can expect when you visit. You can also take a elephant ride but this is not done in the eyes of Edwin Wiek.
Now the wheelchair access. The restaurant is accessible by wheelchair ramp in 4 parts. In between small platforms to rest. A powered wheelchair can take this. A manual wheelchair needs probably some help. Enough space between tables to sit with your wheelchair. And friendly staff to take out chairs.
The only major thing they have forgotten is to make the restrooms wheelchair accessible. To the toilet you get one step down, one step up, doors are wide enough but you have to stay in the space in front en the door cannot close behind you.
So the only solution you have is to visit Wat Huay Mongkol before you visit Hua Hin Hills Vineyard. Or go before you leave your accessible accommodation. offers daytrips and this is one of the many possibilities. For more information please email to

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Thai animals, alive, able bodied, around our accommodations

July 7, 2011
Pool villa Coconut Grove, Hua Hin, Thailand

Sitting on my veranda and just looking around I discover all kind of young, beautiful, adorable and sometimes a little bit creepy animals. And every time when I see a different specie I try to photograph it.

Just like this little fellow / girl? It is a young Zebra dove, Geopelia striata, which flew out of the nest just before. The couple doves were breeding in our Coconut tree and had one offspring. Isn't it cute? It sat on the wire the whole day in the sun during daytime. I didn't see Mam or Dad this day. At evening we saw it again in the Coconut trees of our neighbor with Mam/Dad closeby.
The next day we didn't see it again. So probably left the area together with the parents.

Do you want to see more animals which I have discovered around our house and which I have managed to photograph? Then take a look here. Some animals live somewhere else but can be seen on daytrips with our wheelchair accessible minivan with q-straint wheelchair and occupant restraint system.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Review Canet en Roussillon, France

July 25, 2011
Canet en Roussillon, France

Another review from one of our customers. He has visited our Apartment in France.In German but you can translate with

Erfahrungen von eine Deutsche Kunde mit Behinderung in Süd-Frankreich.
Sehr geehrte Frau von der Linde, sehr geehrter Herr von der Linde,

wir haben die Tage in Canet-en-Roussillion sehr genossen; das Appartement ist in der Tat für unsere Bedürfnisse sehr gut angepasst.

Wir werden uns mit Sicherheit in Zukunft einmal wieder bei Ihnen wegen Ihres Appartements in Südfrankreich melden.  Vielleicht auch wegen eines der anderen Appartements. Für die reibungslose Vermietung möchten Frau Wienstroer und ich mich herzlich bei Ihnen bedanken.

Mit besten Grüßen aus Marburg

Do you want more Information then email to Wheelchair Thailand .
Mehr Information über Email:

Friday, 22 July 2011

Bangkok Pratunam wheelchair accessible shopping

16 July 2011,
Bangkok, Pratunam district

A week ago I went to Bangkok to have my wheelchair fixed. Of this I made a movie and wrote two Blog messages. For a overnight stay I booked a hotel room for disabled at Baiyoke Sky Hotel and had a look at the Pratunam whole sale market.

For this I had to drive my wheelchair into the small streets of Bangkok, Pratunam district. The small alleys are alive at the afternoon and evening. And when you are looking for cheap clothes by the dozen this is the place to go. But in the area are many shops, shopping malls and big stores where almost everything is for sale. MBK, Siam Paragon, Siam Square, Big C, Pratunam, Panthip and even more coming. And all these are wheelchair accessible. Every shopaholic will find what he or she dies for.

And when you are looking for a accessible accommodation in this area search this Blog for a hotel with wheelchair access or write an email to me.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Accessible hotel, restaurant and look out.

July 15, 2011
Baiyoke Sky Hotel, Bangkok

Ever wanted to see Bangkok from the Sky? Then visit the Baiyoke Sky Hotel in the center of Bangkok, close to all shopping malls like Siam Paragon (fashion) and Panthip Plaza (computer, electronics, etc.), in the middle of the wholesale market Pratunam, close to the Airlink Station Ratchaprarop with disabled access and at walking distance of Skytrain station Siam Square.

You can visit this Skycraper of 83 floors for lunch, dinner or overnight stay. But what about the accessibility?

You can enter this building at the right side. Here is a ramp, little bit steep but with some support no problem. The rest is a peace of cake. Big elevators to all floors. No thresholds.

We made reservations by Latestays for a room on the 22nd floor. This is a Superior Suite with one bedroom, a bathroom, a walk in closet and a livingroom. Beautiful views two ways. The doors are wide, the bed is of good height and ample space to move around in my wheelchair. The bathroom is okay. No dropdown shower seat, no roll in shower, but grips at every place you will need. The shower has a threshold of 8cm. So when you are in a wheelchair this might be a problem. The toilet and the wash basin are okay. Their is a bath. With a bath seat some will be able to shower here. Or when you are able to stand up and step over a shower chair will do.

Breakfast, dinner, drinks and look out floor can all be reached by disabled people. At the time we stayed here the view was very clear and we could even see Suvarnabhumi airport and the sea. Remember Bangkok is a city were around 11 million people live.

Do you like to know more. Don't hesitate to write and email. In case you are staying in one of our wheelchair accessible accommodations for holidays in Hua Hin you can take a bath seat or a shower chair with you.

In previous posts more wheelchair accessible hotels are described. We all have tried them personally, so we have a lot of pictures and room numbers of these different hotels.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Siam Nissin, wheelchair repair in Bangkok

July 15, 2011
Siam Nissin, Bangkok

My wheelchair got broken and in my last Blogpost I wrote about my trouble to get it fixed. Parts had to come from Germany.

During the repair of my wheelchair my wife took a few shots with her camcorder. Here is the movie which shows how professional these people can fix your wheelchair. This is the first time they have fixed a Meyra electric powered wheelchair. Imaging how well they do after a few times.

So a big "Thank You" to these guys for their speed, their professionality and corporation to get my wheelchair fixed. A big "Thank You" to Meyra Germany who send the parts over in no time. And a big "Thank You" to DHL who delivered these parts in 4 days.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Wheelchair kadokkadek repair Bangkok

July 15, 2011
Wheelchair Kadokkadek.

Sometimes "big shit" happens.

Already in Holland I felt my wheelchair had some trouble. I also told Welzorg and the technician who takes care of my wheelchair. He just put some grease in my wheel.

A few days after my arrival my wheelchair broke down and I wasn't able to drive anymore. And still some time left here in Hua Hin before I could go home. Sitting in a manual wheelchair not able to move around is not an option for me. I would go crazy. Everytime asking my wife to move me from the porch to the computer, from the computer to the TV, from the TV to the swimmingpool, to the restaurant, etc. I feel so disabled. I like my independency in my electric wheelchair.

So I phoned my travel insurance Unive, the company Welzorg, Meyra Nederland and SOS service, etc. And it seemed they just didn't want to help me out. They even had the guts to tell me these things happen on a holiday and I had to help myself. How harsh can they be.

Luckily I shipped a very old wheelchair over from Holland 5 years ago. My wife turned two wheelchars into one. So I was able to move around very slow and with square tires. In Thailand they would say Wheelchair kadokkadek.

I contacted the company Siam Nissin in Bangkok and they were able to help me out. They ordered new parts with Meyra Germany and they send these parts over by DHL. Within a week the parts were in Bangkok. Siam Nissin wrote an email and we made an appointment two days later. Still a little bit uncertain if their first repair attempt of an electric wheelchair would be succesfull. But at the moment they started to fix the wheelchair I saw how professional their technician was. Within the hour they were able to change the parts. And just a few minutes later I was in my iron horse again. Feeling free to go wherever I want.

Congratulations Siam Nissin with your first Meyra wheelchair repair. And a very big "Thank you" to Siam Nissin and their staff.

And now to all my disabled followers I you never need but in case you do you know now where to go.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Pool villas Coconut Grove - Thailand

July 9, 2011
Hua Hin, Thailand
Pool villa Coconut Grove renovation.

Four years on a row we have been letting our wheelchair accessible pool villa to all kinds of disabled people coming from different parts of the world. So it was time to do some renovation and get the house painted.

We have started four weeks ago and last week everything was finished. It has become very beautiful and bright. Somewhat different from the rest of the houses but very recognizable.

We were terrified when we saw the painters climbing on this scaffold. But the Thai people are so slim and limber that for them it is a piece of cake. I'm just glad nothing happened while they were working at our place.

But now as always this wheelchair accessible house is ready again to welcome our guests. We keep continue to let our pool villa to handicapped people in wheelchairs. And together with our English and Thai speaking staff we do our utmost to make your accessible holiday memorable in a good way. And don't forget everyone who books this pool villa for at least 14 nights will get a free transfer in our wheelchair accessible minivan with wheelchair and occupant restraint system from Bangkok airport to Hua Hin.

Do you want more information have a look at our website or just email to

Friday, 24 June 2011

Hua Hin Nadpob accessible shopping part 3

June 21, 2011
Nadpob Market,

Dear disabled readers,

In our previous post about Hua Hin Nadpob market we wrote about the accessible restroom in this shopping mall. It wasn't finished by that time and we've promised to get back to you as soon as we knew more.

Last tuesday we've visited Nadpob again. And went to the wheelchair accessible toilet. It was finished. It has a big sliding door with lock and ample space to move around and turn in your wheelchair or scoot. A right hand tranfer is possible. Like you see they have a pilar underneath the wash basin. And the biggest mistake is that there are no drop down grips next to the toilet. The height is 40cm. It is clean. Hopefully they will change this.

Nadpob is open till 9pm. So when you are in the middle of the town, shopping on the night market, or doing whatever you want to do an accessible toilet is within a 5 minutes walk of every location in the center. Thank you so much Hua Hin Nadpob Market.

And here is a promise. I will email the woman with whome I had contact before. I will ask here to install drop down grips on the wall next to the toilet and some grips close to the wash basin. And maybe they can loose the pilar.

In case you like to know where you can find more wheelchair accessible restrooms just take a look at this map.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Hua Hin Markets with wheelchair access

February 2010, 25
Chatchai Freshmarket Hua Hin

In the middle of Hua Hin just 200 meters from this accessible apartment you will find this fresh market. Shopping for vegetables, fruit, fish and all kinds of preapred food has never been more fun.

See how locals try to earn a living, what kind of food they eat and don't forget try some yourself.  We often buy fruit here, drink Coconut juice and eat Thai snacks. And most important we have never ever been sick from the Thai food, the snacks or the drinks.

So visit this market. It is wheelchair accessible. The best time is very early in the morning or around 11am. In between it will be very crowded with local people. Also nice to see but in a wheelchair it can be a little bit difficult to move around.

Have fun.  And in case you are in a wheelchair and spot me, tell me that you have read this post and I will treat you on a coconut juice. See you there.

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Accessible shopping Hua Hin Nadpob market

February 24, 2011
Hua Hin Nadpob market

Some people are not amused in place the new shopping mall on Satukarn Square. But wheelchair users like me are happy. The old shops were not wheelchair accessible. High steps into shops, high curbs, no ramps, no adapted toilet, etc.

Last year I already wrote a Blogpost about this market / shoppingmall telling everyone it would be wheelchair accessible. In February during my last stay I have visited this mall and I can confirm the accessibility. An access ramp to overcome the curve close to the entrance of the garage, access ramps into the shopping mall, elevator with ample space for wheelchairs and scooters, accessible restroom for wheelchair users and nice shops.

So they made an effort to make this mall accessible. Let us show them that we appreciate this effort and visit them.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Wheelchair accessible pool villa on Youtube

May 21, 2011
Our Hungarian wheelchair accessible pool villa.

During our visit in April 2011 I made videoshots of our holiday accommodation in Velence, Hungary. Jan has edit these shots and put them together. The video is accompanied by Hungarian Dance nr. 5 originally compost by Brahms, but now remixed by Adya. So have a look.

This self catering holiday home can accommodate up to 6 people. Bedrooms, bathroom, living room and kitchen are all situated on the ground floor. The floor is completely tiled and level. Medical equipment is available and guests can use these for free.

The holiday house is located 100 meter from Lake Velence. Handicapped can use the foot and bicycle path around the Lake and enjoy the scenery, nature and all kind of actiivities. All facilities are within walking distance. Budapest and the airport is only 45 km ride. Wheelchair accessible transport is available at the international airport Ferihegy.

Free holiday gift in wheelchair accessible holiday accommodation

May 5, 2011
Velence, Hungary

In 2002 began to let accessible holidays homes to disabled people. At first with one adapted holiday home in Velence, Hungary. At that is why we celebrate our 10th anniversary with gifts for our guests in 2011.

In Hungary we give guests free tickets to the accessible Spa en Wellness center in Velence which was opened last year. It  has several swimming pools, termal pools, sauna's, restaurant and kids adventure pool. They offer massage and all kind of beauty treatments.
Outdoors they have a stream and a big swimming pool. The view from the terrace and the lakeside is stunning and very relaxing. They also have sun beds and a childrens play ground.

This center is wheelchair accessible. It has ramp access, parking places for disabled, one dressing room and one restroom with access for people in wheelchairs. They don't have a pool hoist. But they do have elavators to the second floor where more sauna's, steam rooms and termal pools are waiting for you.

And when you are looking for an adapted holiday accommodation within walking distance of this center, shops, restaurants and Lake Velence. Here is my newest video of a wheelchair accessible holiday home.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Bang Pa In Palace and handcraft centre

March 4, 2011
Bang Pa In, Handcraft centre

It has been a month since we wrote our last post. We have been visiting our wheelchair accessible apartment in France and afterwards our detached bungalow for wheelchair users in Veelence, Hungary. Both accommodations are ready for the new season. so time to write on our Blog about our experiences.

Since we have a wheelchair accessible van for transfers and trips of our guests we have been using it to visit some places. One of these is Bang Pa In Palace and the handcraft center.

The palace is beautiful. It is partly wheelchair accessible but they don't have ramps into the buidlings or an accessible restroom. The staff of the park was so kind to show us the ground floor toilets of the staff, which were accessible with some help. Paths are not always comfortable, but it is worthwhile. Take a look on your way to the temples in Ayutthaya.

Another nice option to visit is the handcraft center in Bang Pa In. A beautiful Thai style building is accommodating a big hand craft shop which sells purses, glassware, fabrics, clothes, furniture, etc., etc. Next this building you will find the workshops where all these items are made. The are open in the front and the artist don't mind you taking a look. On the premises you will also find a aquarium of fresh water fish which can be found in Thai rivers and lakes. And a few big brid cages whith Thai birds. All wheelchair accessible. But don't expect a wheelchair accessible toilet.

In case you depend on a wheelchair accessible toilet you can find one at the exit of the toll way from Bangkok to Bang Pa In and at one of the temples in Ayutthaya. More info about locations of sights on our map.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Waterfestival Songkran

April 13, 2009
Hua Hin, Apartment Tira Tiraa

Every year on April 13 it is Thai New Year. All shops are closed and people are celebrating. A bog procession of monks in cars with music and a lot of happy people drive and walk through the streets.

Originally people splashed a few drops of water on each other. Sometimes with a nice fragrance in it. Presently it became a water throwing festival. The best description of what to expect is: A mixture of South American Carnaval, kids playing with super soakers and chalk solved in water.

Happy people gently wishing you Happy New Year, rub very carefully your face with chalk and then let you go. The more dary ones throw water, sometimes chilled with ice cubes. Sometimes very carefully a little bit and sometimes buckets full. The picture shows the result of one walk through town. So see here the result. Soaking wet, white like ghost and dripping on the terrace of our apartment where people are celebrating just outside the front door of the condominium building.

Come and experience this festival. Stay with us in Tira Tiraa wheelchair accessible apartment in the center of Hua Hin.

And for all the poeple in Thailand who are reading this post. We are wishing you a Happy New Year, a good health and good luck in 2554.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Thailand accessible holidays, hotels in Bangkok

February 6, 2011
Bangkok, Nana

Another wheelchair accessible hotel from the same chain of hotels as the Riverside described in a previous post. The Ibis Nana hotel is accessible for wheelchairs and scooters.

It has a few adapted rooms. We have stayed in room 305. This room has a roll in shower and grips near toilet, wash basin and shower. Soap, shampoo and towels are present upon arrival. It has ample space to turn your wheelchair around. TV, alarm clock, safe aircon and kettle are the amenities in the room.

The hotel is located in the Nana district. A red light neighbourhood with bars, girls and katoey. Just for a chat or more in case you want. It has a restaurant where a buffet breakfast is served, a coffee/cocktail bar and internet corner. Wireless internet is availale for free.

The hotel is within walking distance of the Nana and Asok BTS station (good wheelchair access) and close to Sukhumvit MRT station with accessibility for wheelchairs.

Our driver can take you to this hotel in our company car with wheelchair and occupant restraint system for a safe trip.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Accessible restaurants Hua Hin Thailand

February 3, 2011
Hua Hin, Sakura Restaurant

During this holiday we have tried several new restaurants. One of them is the restaurant in the picture, Sakura. The owner is an old employee of the Hyatt Regency hotel and he recognized us immediately and was happy to see us. He could remember in that time we were looking for house. Of course he wanted to know if we succeeded. So we told him that we bought a house on Coconut Grove, Soi 102.

After this chat we ordered our food. Jan ordered  Salmon Teriyaki and I ordered a Sushi Roll with shrimp. And for drinks two soda water. The waiters brought the food within a reasonable time and both plates together. The food was delicious and fresh made.
The restaurant has a big terrace which is has level access. In case of rain you can sit inside after taking one step. The restaurants does not have a wheelchair accessible restroom.

Sakura on Soi 94 is convenient located between the center of Hua Hin and Soi 102. The distance from our wheelchair accessible pool villa to this restaurant is 1,7km and from our apartment Tira Tiraa for disabled is 2,2km.

So come and join us and we will drive you to this restaurant in our adapted Toyota Commuter.

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Airlink Bangkok Makkasan Station

Airlink, Suvarnabhumi Airport to Phaya Thai, Bangkok
February 7, 2011
Bangkok Makkasan

A few months ago we have updated you with information about the Airlink. We wrote about our trip from Suvarabhumi Airport to Phaya Thai Station. We took pictures to show the accessibility of the Airlink and published these pictures in our Picasa Webalbum.

This time we took a close look at the Makkasan Airlink Station. Here you can take both lines, the city line and the express line to Suvarnabhumi Airport. This station also has check-in facilities for every flight leavig from Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Airport. We saw just one person checking in. So no lines and no waiting here. And they also have an Oversized luggage counter where you can check-in your powered wheelchair or your golf clubs.
When you take the express train you will arrive within 15 minutes at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

Makkasan Station is two stations before the end of the line. It is close to Petchaburi MRT Station. And when you have read our messages in this Blog about the subway you already know that the MRT subway is wheelchair accessible. This gives lot of possibilities. The MRT can bring you from Petchaburi to Sukhumvit where you can change to the Skytrain station Asok. From Asok you can travel to Siam Square.

Like this many hotels and tourist attractions are within reach of disabled people. Even wheelchair users can travel without a minivan in Bangkok. And we like it.

But in case you need a taxi with a ramp to bring you to Hua Hin look at this Youtube video of a taxi with wheelchair and occupant restraint system according to ADA and European disability standards.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hua Hin Markets, wheelchair accessible?

February 23, 2011
Hua Hin Floating Market

A few weeks ago we came accross a road sign to the floating market. Not the wellknown floating market Damnoen Saduak near Bangkok but the on on Soi 112 in Hua Hin.

Following the sign we had to drive for about 6 km in our wheelchair accessible minivan along this road. We found the place where they are buidling this market and the sign telling they have a website.
It is in the middle of nowhere, 11 km out of the center of Hua Hin. The only thing what is near the Arrow wood factory and showroom where the furniture of our wheelchair accessible apartment Tira Tiraa in Hua Hin was made.

We still don't know anything about the accessibility. But what we have seen on their website it is not very promising. We keep you updated.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Accessible hotels Bangkok

March 2, 2011
Accessible Bangkok, Rama Gardens Hotel

Last time we spoke about a hotel situated at the bank of the Chao Praya River and close to a BTS Station. This time we selected a hotel close to the old international airport Don Muang.

Why this hotel? Because it is close to a few nice tourist attractions like Chatuchak weekend market and several big shopping malls. Even Ayutthya is within one hour drive.

The hotel is very good wheelchair accessible. It has ramp access into the hotel and the elavators are wide enough for wheelchairs and scooters. The rooms on the fourth floor are spacious and well adapted with sliding door, roll in shower and grips next to the toilet for a left hand transfer.
The hotel has many facilities and several restaurants where you depend on, because outside the hotel are no food stalls or other restaurants. The quality of the meals is very good for reasonable hotel prices.

The hotel is located near the highway. So easy access by minivan, taxi or car to all directions is garantueed.

For more information contact us by email

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Wheelchair accessible transport in Thailand

Already a week ago we wrote about our wheelchair accessible Toyota Commuter minivan. In a previous post you could have seen a picture of it. And in Hua Hin you sure cannot miss it while it is driving around.
Now we have made a movie with help of a nice Thai lady who take care of Jan in the morning. She is making some shots while I'm driving the car. So have a look up here and see how (powered) wheelchairs can be restraint with the Q-straint system. Also manual wheelchairs and scooters can be transported in this taxi.

Guests of wheelchair accessible Pool villa Coconut Grove and wheelchair accessible apartment Tira Tiraa get a FREE TRANSFER from Bangkok Airport or a Bangkok Hotel to Hua Hin.*
On request our guests can book this car with driver for trips to Bangkok, Cha-am, Pranburi, Damnoen Saduak Floating market, Kanchanaburi / River Kwai, Tiger temple, Rose Garden, etc.

The handicap van can also take bookings of people who stay in other resorts, hotels and/or individuals who are coming to stay in the Hua Hin area and want safe transfers from Bangkok to Hua Hin visa versa.

For booking and / or more information please contact us by email  

* Conditions apply.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Accessible restaurants Hua Hin Thailand

February 14, 2011
Valentine's Day in Hua Hin

I alrady wrote a lot of articles about accessible restaurants. This time I am writing about Papa John. In earlier times this restaurant was located opposite the Sofitel Hotel in the center of Hua Hin where we get to know this place. Now it is located opposite Amari serviced apartments on the way to Khao Takiab. You have to pass the Hyatt Regency Hotel and the Cicada Art and Deli Market to get there. It is about 5 km from downtown Hua Hin. So you need some kind of transportation to get there. But it is worth it.

When you are looking for superb European Food you have found your restaurant. They have a big choice of beef, pork and chicken. Big T-bone steaks, Chateau Briand, Cordon Blue and more. Some Thai food too to satisfy the mixed couples.

This restaurant is wheelchair accessible with a little bit of help. I expect that paraplegic can manage on their own. You have to enter the restaurant by ramp over the parking lawn. You enter the kitchen where there is a small step of 5 cm. Then you have level access to the first part of the restaurant where you can have a drink or in case you want can have your diner. The second part is already set for diner. To come here you have to vercome a step of 10 cm. I have done it with my powered wheelchair. So it can be done when you have some help. It is a brand new restaurant with a very nice atmosphere. Nice background music, good service and well trained waitresses. The only minor thing is it has no accessible restrooms. But don't miss out on this restaurant when you want a very good steak.

Have a nice dinner.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Markets Hua Hin, Cicada Art and Deli Market

February11, 2011
Cicada Market, Nongkea, Hua Hin, Thailand

In 2005 we have visited Hua Hin, Thailand for the first time. During this holiday we have stayed in the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The only thing close to the Hyatt was Sasi cultural dance and dinner show and a litle bar with sixties and seventies live music on the corner. Both are stil there. Next to the hotel was just empty land with a few wooden huts of poor people and some small local shops.

Now the empty land has been changed into Cicada Art and Deli Market. This market offers all kinds of art, theater performances, street dance demonstrations and serves good food for very reasonable prices. The market is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and starts at 4pm. It is frequently visited by rich Bangkok weekenders and foreigners.

You can easily spend an evening overhere. The market is wheelchair accessible and has a few ramps where needed but most of it has level access. It even has a wheelchair accessible restroom which has ample space for wheelchairs but no grips for a transfer. So when you are disabled and use a scooter or wheelchair you are now able to drink a few beers.

I'm just wondering what happened to the the people of the small wooden huts. I do hope the developer of the project has find new and more healthier living quarters for them. Or even better gave them a job at this market.

Have fun. We had fun and will visit the market again in the future.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Accessible restaurants Hua Hin Thailand

January 19, 2011
Hua Hin, Thailand

Another possibility to eat European Food. This time Italian food. We love pasta and we love Italian salads and pizza. So sometimes we visit an Italian restaurant.

We already talked about Pizza Pizza near Villa Market. Mama Mia is a brandnew good Italian Restaurant. Prices are a little bit high because of the ingredients, location and entourage.

It has an access ramp and the door is wide enough for all wheelchairs. The only minor thing are the restrooms. These are on the first floor. It is located on the Naresdamri Road close to the corner with Chomsin Road.
And this is just a 700 meter walk from our wheelchair accessible apartment Tira Tiraa. So you can drink a nice glass of Italian wine and walk home.

But no problem. The Seafood restaurant Shangtai Seafood is just accross the street. If you ask nice I think it is not a problem to use their restroom.

Have a nice dinner.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Wheelchair accessible restaurants Hua Hin Thailand

Februari 10, 2011

Another wheelchair accessible restaurant in Hua Hin. And again on the second floor in Market Village like Fuji the Japanese restaurant next door.

This restaurants has mainly European kind of food on the menu. Steak, pork chop, ribs, etc. with french fries, baked potatoe and salad.
It has a very good salad bar included in the price of the meal on the menu. And a small desert buffet.
You can sit outside on the terrace and watch people strolling by with their goodies or inside.

Accessible restrooms are not present in the restaurant but on the same floor as the restaurant.

Try this restaurant. You wil not be disappointed. Enjoy your meal.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Safe transport for Wheelchair Thailand alias

Hua Hin, 10 Februari 2011
Company car

For many reasons people love to visit Thailand. The most appreciated reasons are the good food, the friendly and helpfull people and the climat in winter.
That and the fact that my muscles are working better is the reason I visit Thailand regurlarly.

Untill now I travelled around in a minivan from a taxi company. They took out a seat and I used my movable ramps to get into the van aware from the danger that the ramps can slip at any time. It happened a few times and the people around were not fast enough to hold me and my wheelchair. And in all these years I didn't feal really safe, because my wheelchair was not secured to the floor and the van had no seat belts for wheelchair users. Just like everyone else in Thailand with a "wheelchair accessible van". Some of them try to fix your wheelchair to the floor but they use suitecase straps and tie your wheelchair to the other seats at just one point.

To travel safe I have bought a Toyota Commuter minivan in October last year. It was delivered in January 2011. Since then we have been to a company in Bangkok who adapted the van for wheelchair transport. Jan has worked for a car adaptation company for 18 years. He guided the staff of the Bangkok company through the process of adaptions. And we have been to @Sticker co in Bangkok who fixed our logo. The logo was designed by a Dutch Company earlier last year.

Now we have a beautiful van in which I can travel safe. The van has fixed ramp access for wheelchairs and scooters imported from Germany. And original Q-straint wheelchair and occupant secure system all according to the latest ADA and European standards.

But not only I will benefit.

We will transfer all our customers for free from Suvarnabhumi Airport or a Bangkok hotel to our accommodations in Hua Hin.*

Why? We don't want people to use the unfitted cars. We want people to travel safe. The Toyota Commuter can accommodate two (powered wheelchairs / scooters) and 6 additional passengers with luggage and medical equipment.

So now safe transfer / transport for disabled is one more good reason to choose for
besides good reasons as location, price, personal service and a lifetime of experience in being a wheelchair user.

In case you have any questions don't hesitate to email to .

* Conditions apply.

Friday, 4 February 2011

Wheelchair accessible hotels Bangkok

January 26, 2011
IBIS hotel, Bangkok

I have stayed in many hotels in Bangkok and always try another hotel in my search for wheelchair accessible hotels in Bangkok. I love Bangkok and like to explore this city together with my wife. I have a muscular disease since childhood which effects my whole body. I cannot walk, stand or transfer to another seat or toilet. I need help with almost everything. Therefore I use a powered wheelchair all the time to stay as independent as possible. When you use a powered wheelchair like I do you don't have an option. The hotel needs to be wheelchair accessible. And Thailand knows wheelchair accessibility in a lot of variations. So I was surprised by this hotel.

In this picture taken by my wife you see me at the reception of the IBIS hotel, my shower wheelchair and my Thai care taker Nahm. At first they gave us room 547 but this wasn't a room for disabled people. After a complaint they gave us room 406. And this was absolutely a wheelchair accessible room. The bathroom had a roll in shower, the bed was as high as the seat of my wheelchair and enough space for me turn my wheelchair next to the bed and in the bathroom.

The hotel itself is very good adapted for wheelchair users. The only minor disadvantage is a little step of a few centimeters from the hotel to the pool area. I needed help here, but a paraplegic can do this on his own.

The hotel is located at the Chao Praya Riverside. The terrace and garden along the river offers beuatiful views of the river, the passing boats and the Shangri-la hotel. And this for the nice price of 1800 Baht per night including taxes and breakfast.

For more pictures of wheelchair access of this hotel look at my Picasa Webalbum of IBIS Riverside Hotel.

You don't need a car and driver overhere. The Skytrain is closeby and this station is wheelchair accessible. For more info about the Public transport in Bangkok read my previous posts about BTS, Airlink and MRT.

Have a nice stay and leave your comments here.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Wheelchair accessible van manufacturer Bangkok

January 31, 2011

Since 2005 I have been visiting Thailand for many times. And all these times I have been travelling with a taxi with driver. Thailand doesn't know wheelchair accessible vans. So normaly I take ramps with me, ask a driver to take out a seat and make some space for my wheelchair. No floor fixings for my wheelchair, only the seat in front of me to hold me in case anything happens. This is not the way we are used to in Europe.

The traffic in Thailand is so intense, so dense and dangerous that I don't want to travel on the road anymore with these kind of threats. After 6 years I found a very professional company in Bangkok who is able to fit a wheelchair ramp, wheelchair fixings and removable seats. So now I couldn't resist to buy my own Toyota Commuter Van and get it adapted at the moment I speak. And when this is finished I can take my accessible van and go with friends, fellow wheelchair users or just my beach wheelchair and travel safe on the roads in Thailand.

Do you want to know more? Get in touch with

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Accessible restaurants Shangtai Seafood Hua Hin Thailand

Hua Hin, January 25, 2011
Shangtai Seafood, accessible toilet

When we want to eat seafood we always go to Shangtai Seafood. Why? The have great seafood and a lot of Thai people go here. So something must be good. It is always busy and the service is good.

And now we have an additional reason to visit this resaturant. It has an accessible toilet for wheelchair users. How great this is. Ths first Thai restaurant in Hua Hin with an accessible toilet indoors.

Thank you Shangtai Seafood. We will have diner and drinks with you many times after our last visit.

For more information about restaurants with accessible toilets in Hua Hin look at Wheelchair Accessible Hua Hin - Thailand on Google Maps.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Accessible Cruise Pranburi River Thailand

January 2011, 22
Pranburi River, Mermaid Cruises

One days ago we, Jan and Hanneke, went to visit the company Mermaid Cruises to look at possibilities of cruises for people in wheelchairs. Some of our guests already took a trip in the King fisher. But they still could walk a few steps or were carried on board. So we asked the owner Barry if it was possible to enter his new boat, Suncat 1, in my electric wheelchair. Together we had a look and already saw it was possible to enter his boat with ramps and a little help.

So we called our guest in wheelchair accessible Pool Villa Coconut Grove. We rent out houses for ten years now and we treat all our guests to a local experience. We invited Anneli and her care takers to this trip and they gladly excepted the invitation. We went there on Saturday January 22, 2011. Anneli uses a manual wheelchair. It is not very difficult to get here on board. Jan is in an electric wheelchair and we didn't experience any difficulties to get him on board as well. We like to thank the staff from Hua Hin cruises who helped us to go on board.

For us and for them it was a very nice experience. The Suncat is a solar and wind powered catamaran. It makes only a little noise. The Pranburi River has a lot of Mangrove Forest at the water banks. Wildlife can be observed and pictures of these animals can be taken because the boat is very quiet.

Do you want to see more of this cruise, take a look at our wheelchair accessible cruises on Youtube.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Accessible holidays in Amazing Thailand 4

In 2009 when we were decorating our accessible apartment Tira Tiraa we had to stop these activities. We had to leave our apartment for a few days because some tiles had to be replaced. On recommendation of a friend we tried a three star hotel in the center of Hua Hin close to the Sofitel Hotel. Prices vary from 3.350 till 5.500 Baht per room (38m2) inclusive of service charge and breakfast for 2. Exclusive 7% VAT.

This is a nice option we thought. So we booked this hotel for a few nights with an option to extend if neccessary. We took some medical equipment like a small shower wheelchair and ramps with us just in case. And oh boy were we glad. The hotel has a very steep entrance ramp. Everyone needs help to get into the hotel. Jan needed some support to stay up straight, a manual wheelchair user definitely needs a push and others maybe need help to prevent their wheelchair flipping backwards. Once in the lobby you are fine.

The elevator is tight but wheelchairs fit in. The corridors are wide enough to pass. The door into the hotel room is wide enough, but the bathroom door is not. Most shower wheelchairs / commodes won't fit through. The bathroom floor is 15cm down in two steps, no grips, toilet 35 cm high, bathroom door turning into the bathroom. Great. Do you know how hard this is for a care taker? Well I do. I can handle it once. I won't do it twice. There is no restaurant in the hotel. So you have to go out for lunch and dinner. The small swimming pool was not well maintained, the water was blurred. And every day the same breakfast.

Compare this to our accessible apartment Tira Tiraa (2 bedroom, 130 m2 including private terrace) in the center. Price is 167 Euro / 6847 Baht. including VAT, service charge, medical equipment / aids, energy, water, drinking water, cleaning and laundry, breakfast/drinks/snacks for the first day, free wireless internet, tv/dvd/sound system with free movies, books, travel guides and games. This is 3.424 Baht per room or 1742 per person. The building has a big well maintained swimming pool, fitness room, sauna, pool side garden, internet corner, reception area, laundry shop, sunbeds in pool area, 24/7 security, parking space for handicapped people, etc. Supermarket in just 200m.

More info email to

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Accessible Tuck Away.

Januari 21, 2011
Hua Hin over the Hills.

Long, long time ago when I was 20 years old I applied for a job in an institution for mentally and physically disabled children. It was tucked away in the forests near Baarn. Over two hundred kids were living in this "home". Nowerdays no one wants to be put away for any reason. Nowerdays adults and/or children in The Netherlands live at home or in small family like homes in the city with neighbours next door.

In Hua Hin they still don't get the picture. A few months back I wrote a post about "Accessible travel, how to choose" and took an accessible project in the middle of nowhere as an example. Now there is another project (8 pool villas) built behind the Hua Hin Hills also in the middle of nowhere 9 km west from the Sofitel Hotel (see pictures). A pool villa devided into two houses opposite of each other with a shared pool and maids room in between. In case you want some peace and quiet you will get it for sure. In case you want privacy forget it. The road to leave the project is running uphill. Once you get out of the gate there is nothing. The first kilometer is dirt road (wheelchair friendly?), no lightning, no houses, no shops, etc. The second kilometer brings you to another project with the restaurant Palm Bistro. And then it takes 7 km to get into the center or the beach of Hua Hin.  In time 22 minutes. The price 190 Euro per night, 4 pax maximum. Add to this all the expenses for cab fare.

So this kind of locations gives me the creeps. And do you know what is bothering me the most. This Dutch guy doesn't even talk about where his accessible villa is located, because of the distance and the ongoing construction at this project. That is why I have made a movie from this project to the town center. So watch the clock and the distance. It took us 22 minutes to drive into the town center. Even in case you as a handicapped person would like to stay here your care takers probably won't. They want to have some fun when they are of duty.

My opion. Look for an wheelchair accessible place in or near the center of town. For example Pool villa Coconut, Apartment Tira Tiraa, Hyatt Regency hotel, Mariott Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Sofitel Hotel, Prinz Garden Hotel, etc. The first two accommodations have medical equipment, the hotels don't have. But they are all within walking distance of the beach and/or the center of town.
In case you want more information don't hesitate to write an email to .