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Wheelchair accessible van manufacturer Bangkok

January 31, 2011

Since 2005 I have been visiting Thailand for many times. And all these times I have been travelling with a taxi with driver. Thailand doesn't know wheelchair accessible vans. So normaly I take ramps with me, ask a driver to take out a seat and make some space for my wheelchair. No floor fixings for my wheelchair, only the seat in front of me to hold me in case anything happens. This is not the way we are used to in Europe.

The traffic in Thailand is so intense, so dense and dangerous that I don't want to travel on the road anymore with these kind of threats. After 6 years I found a very professional company in Bangkok who is able to fit a wheelchair ramp, wheelchair fixings and removable seats. So now I couldn't resist to buy my own Toyota Commuter Van and get it adapted at the moment I speak. And when this is finished I can take my accessible van and go with friends, fellow wheelchair users or just my beach wheelchair and travel safe on the roads in Thailand.

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  1. Sadly, not all public transportation vehicles are accessible to wheelchairs. There is actually only a handful in some areas. I bet your van is finished by now. How did it turn out, and how are the trips coming along?

    1. Hello Thomas,

      Our wheelchair accessible Toyota Commuter van turned out fine. With passenger and wheelchair restraint system we can offer safe and secure transportation to and from the airport in Bangkok.
      For trips we have opened a new website . We offer a scale of trips ranging from a 4 - 12 hours within and outside Hua Hin. All rated personally on accessibility. So wheelchair access is known.
      Hope to meet you in Hua Hin.

  2. could you please tell me where did you build the ramp? is it able to build for Hyundai? thank you

  3. Hello Anonymous,

    Please send an email to .

    Regards, WheelchairThailand Hua Hin on Facebook.

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