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Safe transport for Wheelchair Thailand alias

Hua Hin, 10 Februari 2011
Company car

For many reasons people love to visit Thailand. The most appreciated reasons are the good food, the friendly and helpfull people and the climat in winter.
That and the fact that my muscles are working better is the reason I visit Thailand regurlarly.

Untill now I travelled around in a minivan from a taxi company. They took out a seat and I used my movable ramps to get into the van aware from the danger that the ramps can slip at any time. It happened a few times and the people around were not fast enough to hold me and my wheelchair. And in all these years I didn't feal really safe, because my wheelchair was not secured to the floor and the van had no seat belts for wheelchair users. Just like everyone else in Thailand with a "wheelchair accessible van". Some of them try to fix your wheelchair to the floor but they use suitecase straps and tie your wheelchair to the other seats at just one point.

To travel safe I have bought a Toyota Commuter minivan in October last year. It was delivered in January 2011. Since then we have been to a company in Bangkok who adapted the van for wheelchair transport. Jan has worked for a car adaptation company for 18 years. He guided the staff of the Bangkok company through the process of adaptions. And we have been to @Sticker co in Bangkok who fixed our logo. The logo was designed by a Dutch Company earlier last year.

Now we have a beautiful van in which I can travel safe. The van has fixed ramp access for wheelchairs and scooters imported from Germany. And original Q-straint wheelchair and occupant secure system all according to the latest ADA and European standards.

But not only I will benefit.

We will transfer all our customers for free from Suvarnabhumi Airport or a Bangkok hotel to our accommodations in Hua Hin.*

Why? We don't want people to use the unfitted cars. We want people to travel safe. The Toyota Commuter can accommodate two (powered wheelchairs / scooters) and 6 additional passengers with luggage and medical equipment.

So now safe transfer / transport for disabled is one more good reason to choose for
besides good reasons as location, price, personal service and a lifetime of experience in being a wheelchair user.

In case you have any questions don't hesitate to email to .

* Conditions apply.

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