Sunday, 15 February 2015

Love, date without boundary in Thailand.

Disabled, young and wild are caractaristics not going well together without prejudice. Parents keep their young disabled children safe, sometimes too safe. Most teenage friends don't know how to respond to the limitations of a handicap. And a date, a lover or a marriage is just one step too far for the imagination of most people. But sometimes people do fall in love and then they have to face the opinion and prejudice of their family, friends, co-students, colleagues, etcetera. An article of the Telegraaf tells a story of American teenagers falling in love. He is disabled due to a muscular disease and she is a healthy and beautiful young lady. It could be my story 35 years ago.

But most disabled people are not that lucky. After many years they are still not able to find a girl or boy friend. But sometimes love can be found in unexpected places like Thailand. Thai women are very caring and loving. It is still part of their nature. But in return they like you to support their family consisting of their children, parents and sometimes even brothers and sister and their children. The Thai economy is thriving on lonely men looking for a loving, caring partner.

So are you looking for a girl friend? Are you lonely and looking for love? Why not come to Thailand? We have beautiful wheelchair accessible accomodation which will suite your needs of accessiblity and privacy. More information? Contact me by email .