Sunday, 22 September 2013

Wheelchair Thailand flat tire

Flat wheelchair tire repair Hua Hin, Thailand.
Amazing what Thai people do to earn a decent living. We are glad with this kind of service, can not find it in our country and certainly not for this kind of money.
Saturday evening 7 pm and I have a flat tire.


My wife driving around in our car and looking for a repair shop. Finally after 1 hour I find a shop able and willing to repair my flat tire.

THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And what kind of shop this is. This man is building motor bikes. So a lot to look at. Not boring at all. Have a look at the picture below. Do you like to ride this? My wife does.

Low rider, motor bike shop Pa La U Road, Hua Hin, Thailand.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Grocery shopping in Hua Hin, Thailand

Dutch people are like all other people in the world. We like our Dutch food. So when we can we take cheese, chocolate sprinklers, liquorice, etc. English people take their tea. And more examples are possible.

But there is no need to take these groceries. Hua Hin has 4 supermarkets, few bakeries, some butchers and wineries. But don't forget to visit the local markets for fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, chicken, meat, herbs, spices, etc.

The supermarkets are:

Big C Supermarket, Pa La U Road, Hua Hin, Thailand
Tesco Lotus in Market Village with a great selection of fresh vegetables, meat fish, bread, etc.
Villa Market, great wine selection.
G Hua Hin supermarket, for Chinese and Thai ingredients but also Dutch Coffee.
Big C with French products of the Casino brand.
And a small supermarket located within the shopping mall in the centre of Hua Hin.

Products of Casino brand in Big C Supermarket.

Tesco Lotus Supermarket is within 1.5 km form the wheelchair accessible holiday pool villas Coconut and Si Deang.

Villa Market is in the centre of Hua Hin.

G Hua Hin Supermarket is close to the wheelchair accessible apartment Tira Tiraa.

And Big C is within 5 minutes bike ride of Studio 74.

All supermarkets or the building where they are located have wheelchair accessible restrooms except G Hua Hin and the small supermarket. And they all have parking space for cars and motorbikes.
Questions about food and / or shopping. Comment or write an email.