Friday, 31 December 2010

Wheelchair Thailand Wishes

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Wheelchair accessible holiday homes

Here is some wonderful news for our present and future guests in 2011. But also good news for everyone who is planning to stay with us this year in one of our wheelchair accessible holiday homes. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary.

Wheelchair Thailand celebrates its Birthday.
In 2011 Wheelchair Thailand exists 10 years.
Therefore we treat our guests to presents.

In the past 10 years we could welcome you as our guest in our wheelchair accessible holiday homes. Or we are welcoming you in Hungary, France or Thailand for the first time in 2011. Your loyalty, your trust and your feedback in or about our resorts is highly appreciated. To show our gratitude we treat our costumers / guests in 2011 to a local experience like wine tasting, a visit to a wellness center, a daytrip, etc. Naturally all accessible to wheelchair users.

In the future we will continue to make an effort to keep your trust and use your comment or feeback to increase our level of service and improve our accommodations to your needs.

So let us take care of you in beach resort Canet en Roussillon, France or in Royal beach resort Hua Hin, Thailand or Lake Velence beach resort, Hungary.

Hanneke Fronik

Monday, 27 December 2010

Assisted living, yes or no?

November 13, 2011

Every new day has new chances. Yesterday evening Kung, the Thai nurse, went to bed without saying goodnight while we were talking to Alfie. After all we didn't see him for 5 years. Since then a lot happened. And not knowing what time we had to get up. Well no problem. We will see tomorrow when she knocks on our door. We have to get up at 6am. Departure is around 7 am. But this leaves me with Jan to be showered, put into bed and backpain. We took Kung, a Thai care taker, at this trip. Assisted living, YES.

Around 5 Kung is knocking on our door. Hanneke opens the door and I tell her to go back to sleep for an hour. After an hour she is coming back to dress Jan. Together we go outside for breakfast. In the meantime Charles is collecting our luggage. This is a friendly, helpful, hard working man and already deserves a tip.

Today we are moving to the next camp. Alfie will take us on a game drive. We follow the river Sabie and along the road we see new animals. And every time the landscape is different from the day before. Kung is sleeping during the trip and waking up everytime we stop. She is not able to take care of me anymore. So Hanneke is taking over to ensure my need of assisted living.

During the day we see a lot of nice things. Like a elephant museu, a bushbok on the terrace of the restaurant, a local wheelchair / commode and of course a lot of animals. We see a sale on Amarula, a local liqor made from the Marula fruit. We buy two bottles and get 8 glasses for free. And after a wonderfull afternoon spent with friends to be we arrive at Satara Camp.

Our quarters are wheelchair accessible cottages again built in a circle. And before Jan even has noticed he already has a flat tire due to the thorns of the trees surrounding the cottages. And thank God we have Alfie with us. He is fixing Jan's wheelchair in no time. Thank you Alfie you are the greatest.

Charles and Alfie are preparing diner while we are settling in. Before diner Jan has a chat with Kung. Kung tells Jan she is to tired, she needs sleep, she is not used to heavy work, etc. Together they decide it is best to put an end to this employment. Exit Kung. Assisted living, NO. Hanneke takes over my care.

During diner we talk to our travel companions and treat them on Amarula. Everyone likes it and the bottle is emptied within the hour. After lending our plug to Robert and wash the glasses we go to bed.

To be continued.

In case you are looking for place inThailand where you can find an assisted living situation look at

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Treats for all guests in 2011. Wheelchair Thailand celebrates anniversary.

Here is some wonderful news for our present and future guests in 2011. But also good news for everyone who is planning to stay with us this year in one of our wheelchair accessible holiday homes. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary.

Wheelchair Thailand celebrates its Birthday.
In 2011 Wheelchair Thailand exists 10 years.
Therefore we treat our guests to presents.

In the past 10 years we could welcome you as our guest in our wheelchair accessible holiday homes. Or we are welcoming you in Hungary, France or Thailand for the first time in 2011. Your loyalty, your trust and your feedback in or about our resorts is highly appreciated. To show our gratitude we treat our costumers / guests in 2011 to a local experience like wine tasting, a visit to a wellness center, a daytrip, etc. Naturally all accessible to wheelchair users.

In the future we will continue to make an effort to keep your trust and use your comment or feedback to increase our level of service and improve our accommodations to your needs.

So let us take care of you in beach resort Canet en Roussillon, France or in Royal beach resort Hua Hin, Thailand or Lake Velence beach resort, Hungary.


Sunday, 19 December 2010

Disabled friendly transport for night game drive.

13 November 2010
Sunset Game Drive Kruger Park, Skukuza Camp, South Africa

This morning we get up early again. You would expect people to get grumpy. But only our care taker / nurse from Thailand, Asia got up on the wrong side of the bed. After tea and teeth breaking biscuits we leave for a morning game drive of three hours. The scenery, the wildlife, the atmosphere is overwhelming and puts our mind to ease. The peace and quit when they shut down the engine of the car can not be found in The Netherlands. At night when we go to bed with the windows open we only hear the sound of nature.

After breakfast we go for a walk over the camp, some shopping, checking email and checking out the game drive vehicle we go back to our wheelchair accessible cottage. We have to prepare for our sunset game drive.

Around 5 pm we are present at the safari vehicle. It has a wide entrance but no lift or ramp. Alfie is using the lift of his truck to bring the wheelchairs to the same level as the game drive vehicle. Some disabled people can move over, others have to be lifted. Let the fun begin. At the start the sun is still shining but is going down in one hour. When it is dark we have lights to look at the scenery and hopefully we will spot some game. And yes we are succesful. We see lions, wild dogs, hyena, warthols, antilopes, etc. And here are the pictures.
During the drive Jan's back is hurting. He is not sitting in his own wheelchair but on a normal car seat. With the humps and bumps this is not very comfortable. He also has trouble to look to the sides. And his legs can not touch the floor. So this game drive is very tiring. Therefore he decides not to join another night game drive.

Around 8 pm we are back. Aflie helps everyone out of the truck and Charles is preparing diner. We talk about our experiences during diner and slowly another day comes to an end. So far so good. Tomorrow we leave for one of the next accessible resorts.

To be continued.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Kruger tour in wheelchair accessible transport for disabled

November 12, 2010
Kruger tour with Epic Enabled
Lunch en route

Today our safari tour to the Krugerpark in South Africa starts. Two days ago this safaritruck picked us up at the airport of Johannesburg and the next week it will be our disabled transport for me and other tour members as wheelchair users.

This morning we get up very early. Departure is planned at 7.00 am. After a quick shower and packing our suitecase we have to wait for breakfast for a short while. The group is not complete yet and Alfie wakes up the people who are not present yet. Gives us time to enjoy our breakfast. At last we leave at 7.15 am.

The drive to our first accommodation in the Kruger park is 450km and will take the whole day. We start on the highway for two hours and have a coffeebrake near Middelburg. Another two hours takes us to a parking place near Nelspruit with restaurant, shops, accessible restrooms, etc. We have lunch at one of the picnic tables and walk around a bit to stretch our legs and look into the shops. I buy a jar of Marula jam and some pineapple noga.

After the lunch we leave for a short drive to the Krugerpark gate Malelane. The scenery is changing fast. We have a glimps of the River Blyde Canyon and see the countryside change from green mountain hills into savanna. At the Malaelane gate we have a short stop and see a strange tree, a sausage tree (click here for a picture). It has fruit which looks like a big sausage.

We experience our first encounters with wildlife. We are impressed, overwhelmed and stunned by the beauty of these animals in their natural habitat. Here is a nice video how it is to be in the truck and see the animals.
We don't believe in Zoo's. We believe in animals in their natural surrounding. And it proves. Animals are much bigger here than in any zoo we have been long time ago. And in case animals cannot live in their natural habitat anymore then their environment should come close as much as possible. That is why we support Wildlife Rescue Center on our facebook page Wheelchair Thailand Hua Hin. They try to bring animals back to the wild.

In the afternoon around 5pm we arrive at Skukuza Camp in the Kruger park. Nice little cottages with outside kitchen and adapted bathrooms. Perfect place to stay. Alfie and Charles are unloading the truck and are going to prepare diner. We will have pasta. Gives us time to settle in and walk around a little bit. Hanneke is having a swim and I enjoy the last minutes in the sun.

After diner and coffee everyone is going to bed early. Tomorrow we leave at 5.00am (Is this our idea of a holiday?). First we will have tea and biscuits and after the morning game drive we will get breakfast.

To be continued.

Monday, 6 December 2010

Wheelchair Thailand in Hotel Willow Park

November 11, 2011
Hotel Willow Park, Johannesburg, South Africa

Late at night we arrived at Hotel Willow Park in Johannesburg after a short drive in Alfie's wheelchair accessible safari truck. After the access ramp into the hotel we noticed Jan could drive in his wheelchair through the hotel without any steps to be taken. The ground floor room has a spacious bathroom with hand rails near the toilet and a roll in shower with hand rails. Perfect for a wheelchair user for the first two nights. We went to sleep immediately.

The first morning we started with breakfast in the restaurant. The hotel has a breakfast buffet with a small choice in eggs, bacon, cereal, milk, yochurt, fruit, coffee, etc.
After breakfast we walked around in the Park. And here we saw our first wildlife, a few skoorsteenveeer (South African). Looks like a stork. Beautiful to see them walking around on the grass early in the morning looking for food. Took a few pictures. One of these pictures can be seen in my webalbum. Click here to go to this album. We found two swimming pools, the bar and the reception area with wireless internet as well. So we fetched our laptop and checked out our email. And surprise, surprise, we had a online reservation for our apartment in France for mobility reduced people in wheelchairs, a returning guest. A quick answer and a shut down and of we go to enjoy our holiday again. We went for lunch in the restaurant, also a buffet with a variety of dishes for a reasonable price.

In the afternoon we went shopping with Alfie and 4 British able bodied tour members in Johannesburg. We had to buy plugs for the South African outlets to be able to charge Jan's powered wheelchair. After buying plugs, some sandwiches for tonight and some snacks and drinks for tomorrow during the day we went back to the hotel.

Around 5 pm we met the other members of the Krugerpark tour in the bar. The group consisted of 4 British able bodied persons, one disabled British woman with girl friend, one Dutch wheelchair user with two teens (arriving tonight) and the two of us. We order a drink like everyone else and listen to Alfie who tells us about the tour and also that we are leaving around 6.30 am. Is this holiday?

So Krugerpark here we come. We are looking forward to it.

To be continued.

Monday, 29 November 2010

WheelchairThailand Back from the Wild.

November 23, 2010
Cape Point, Cape of Good Hope
Kaap Die Goeie Hoop (South African)

In November we have spent our holiday in South Africa. We booked a 12 day Krugerpark and Cape Point tour with Epic Enabled. We met Alfie Smith, the owner, in The Netherlands 4 years ago. This time we met him at the airport in Johannesburg to bring us for our first night to our hotel.

During the 8 day Kruger park tour we have stayed in lovely wheelchair accessible cottages within the Kruger Nasionale Wildtuin. The tour can handle disabled people but welcomes able bodied persons as well. So our internatinal group consisted of 2 couples without a handicap, two couples with a partner in a wheelchair and one paraplegic dad with two nice teens. We moved every two days, got up early, drove through the park in a adapted Mercedes Truck, saw a lot of animals, lunched at picknick sites, saw some more wild, had wholesome diners and got to now each other. We have seperated as friends at the airport of Johannesburg. Alfie Smith is a hell of a tour guide. And Charles his tour companion was very helpful.

An inland flight brought us from Johannesburg to Capetown where Sabine Smith picked us up with a wheelchair accessible Mercedes van.

The second part was a 4 day Capetown tour. We stayed in the wheelchair friendly Epic Guesthouse. Capetown is part of the Dutch history and so we visited the Dutch castle, the Companie's Gardens, Kaap Die Goeie Hoop, Jan Riebeecks' bushes in Kirstenbosch, and the V&A Waterfront (Brittish). We also drove along Chapmans peak and visited the pinguins at Boulders Beach. We didn't manage to get up to Table Mountain. There was a cloud hanging over or the winds were too strong so the cable car didn't run to the top.

This holiday was great. We really needed some time off after five years. It was nice to meet Alfie again and to meet Sabine and their son for the first time. They do a great job, they are helpfull, very friendly and can tell you a lot about South Africa. So thank you Alfie and Sabine for the wonderfull holiday. We will be back for another holiday in the future. Untill then we wish you good luck.

More info about these tours or a stay in the guesthouse write an email to Alfie and Sabine Smith, .

In case you want to read more about our experiences keep following us at

Saturday, 6 November 2010

WheelchairThailand is going wild.

November 2010

We, Jan and Hanneke, are travelling to South Africa. We will be on South Africa safari and we will visit Capetown.

We take a Thai nurse. And my powered wheelchair.
Follow this Blog or Twitter to keep up with our adventure.

See you soon in Hua Hin Thailand.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Restaurants and accommodations with wheelchair access in Hua Hin

September 30, 2010
Terrace 94

We had seen the sign "Terrace 94, 250m" before but didn't check this place out. There are so many restaurants closing and so many restaurants opening it is almost impossible to check out every new restaurant on accessibility. But on recommendation of our friend Hans V. we've paid it a visit.

This restaurant has two levels. A groundfloor and a second floor. The entrance is a little bit difficult. From the road you go down into the gutter and then you get a steep ramp onto the terrace of the restaurants. My safety wheels at the back of my wheelchair preventing to flip backwards were touching the pavement. My back wheels came of the pavement. So my wife had to push me through. Then the access ramp leeds you onto the terrace. This is the only spot where a wheelchair users can sit unless you take the big step into the restaurant. The second floor is out of reach.

We had diner here on friday night. It seams to be the restaurant which was located in the old Papa John restaurant opposite the Sofitel hotel on the Naresdamri Road. The menu shows different kind of foods. European, Thai and Mexican. Jan tried mexican food and I tried European. The Mexican enchillada was served with the inside still cold. The steak was okay.
The restaurant had live music on the second floor during this evening. But the music down stairs was not turned off. So we had to listen to two kinds of music at the same time.

Since one time is no time we are not going to judge this restaurant on its quality. But the wheelchair access to this restaurant remains difficult. Terrace 94 is located at Soi 94. Soi 94 is located in the middle of our wheelchair accessible accommodations, Apartment Tira Tiraa and Pool villa Coconut Grove.

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Patpong night market; child care in resorts necessary.

October 1, 2010
Patpong night market, Silom, Bangkok

Before you go and visit this night marktet make sure your children are well taking care of in the resort or hotel where you are staying. Because this night market where you can buy a imitation of almost everything is not the place to be for young children. But that is of course my Western opinion.

Patpong night market is wheelchair accessible and wellknown for its bars and girls. It is the famous red light district in Bangkok. Is this red light district in Bangkok accesible for wheelchairs? Don't worry. You can walk safe here. The people outside the bars try to lure you in. And it is up to you if you want.Only the menu of the "restaurant" is a little bit different. The first course is "Pussy Pingpong". But in case you like to watch people strolling by take a beer or soda on one of the terraces. It is fun to look what is happening in these streets and see that even small Thai children are present together with their parents who run a shop, market stall or work in one of the many bars.

Patpong night market can be reached with BTS Skytrain. You have to get out at the for wheelchairs adapted station Chong Nonsi or MRT Subway leaving at station Silom with access for handicapped. For more information about this public transport read this post with Google map.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Bangkok BTS Skytrain MRT Subway Airlink to Airport Suvarnabhumi

October 2, 2010
Bangkok, Raillink Suvarnabhumi to Phaya Thai.

Last time when we were visiting Bangkok we had to pick up a friend at the Airport Suvarnabhumi. We like to explore public transport in Bangkok. Why? For one we don't have a car. For two in a car you are always caught up in traffic. And three it is a challenge. We travel in and with an powered wheelchair. We already have discovered that the MRT Subway is wheelchair accessible and some BTS Skytrain stations also.

But now we know and can tell everyone the Airlink / Raillink to Bangkok airport Suvarnabhumi has access for wheelchairs too. Perfect. Within no time you are in the center of Bangkok. Price 15 Baht one way.

And down here you can find all the stations. When you click on one particular station you will get access info. Sometimes I have add a picture, some nice sights or shopping malls within walking distance of the stations.

View Wheelchair access BTS Skytrain MRT Subway Airlink Raillink Airport in a larger map

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Taxi for wheelchair in Thailand

2 October 2010,
Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi
Driver Keang, Jan and his friend Fred.

Guests of our wheelchair accommodations in Hua Hin often ask for airport transfer in adapated taxis. Where they can book these transfers, if we have addresses where they can get information, etc.

We always answer in the same way. We offer this service for a reasonable price. And our guests don't pay us for this transfer but directly to the driver. So we don't make money on this service. The company gets paid instantly and the driver gets a tip, hopefully. Price at this moment 3.500 Baht one way.

So here is how we help our guests. We make arrangements for your taxi together with our staff in Thailand. The driver drives to our villa or apartment to pick up our ramps, drives from Hua Hin to Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok, waits at Arrivals, helps with the luggage, helps with getting into the car and then drives our guests to the accommodation of their choice. On his way to Hua Hin the driver will stop at a gas station for a sanitary stop, to buy some drinks and/or food. And most of the time you can even find an ATM.

Are you looking for a wheelchair accessible taxi transfer from the Suvarnabhumi Airport to Hua Hin then send an email to . Provide us with name and address of your destiny and we will arrange your transfer.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Accessible restaurants in Hua Hin

September 24, 2010.
Hua Hin Center.

Downtown Hua Hin many good seafood restaurants are located on Naresdamri Road. The restaurant in the picture is Sangthai Seafood. One out of two restaurants which are frequently visited by Thai, foreigners, falang and tourists.

They have great seafood. We like the fried sun dried squid, the charcoal grilled tiger prawn, steamed fish in lemon sauce, fish fillet in curry, etc.

The service is good. The waiters and waitresses keep an eye on you and your table. They refill your glass, they serve complementary fruit at the end and the people are friendly.

The accessibility of the restaurant is perfect. And since a little while they even have a wheelchair accessible restroom. The first restaurant in this street who saw the potential of more customers. And for this they deserve at least one visit of every wheelchair using person.

Where to find Sangthai Seafood? Coming from Tira Tiraa wheelchair accessible apartment you walk, 100 meters, towards Soi 70. Turn left onto Soi 70 and walk down to Petchkasem road, 160 meter. Cross the road and continue walking on Soi 55. All the way down to the sea, 350 meter. You will see Sangthai seafood in front of you.

There are more wheelchair accessible restaurants. You can have a look at the pictures of these restaurants and even see where they are located.

Have a nice diner.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

Tira Tiraa - Hua Hin - apartment for rent

February 2010

Do you like this little dog? Do you want it to see this Thai art in person? Then come and stay in Studio74. Well decorated with Art from Thai artists whome we met personally. All amenities are available in Studio74. And it is conveniently located in the center of Hua Hin.

Studio 74 is for rent and can accommodate 2  persons. This accommodation can be rented seperately but also in combination with the wheelchair accessible apartment Tira Tiraa on the grondfloor.

So Studio74 is ideal for individual travelling tourists, but also for family members, care takers, travel companions of wheelchair users. And moreover we give a very nice discount when our cusomers rent both accommodations at the same time.

Guests of both accommodations can use the facilities of the condominium building like swimming pool, fitness room, sauna, computers, etc.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Wheelchair accessible hotels Bangkok Thailand

October 2, 2010

Sofitel Hotel, Silom, Bangkok

Like we already have proved before we always try a different hotel. Why? Because we want to tell our customers and fellow wheelchair users who want to visit Bangkok which hotel is accessible to them.
Well this time we made a reservaton in the Sofitel Hotel Silom in Bangkok. Why do we want to stay here? It is Silom. Very alive at night, nice shopping, nightmarket Patpong, and accessible public transport all   within walking distance.

But what a disappointment for a wheelchair user like me. At the time of booking the promised me they had an accessible geust room. When I arrived they didn't have a room like this. The bedroom was okay after moving some furniture. But he bathroom was completely inaccessible. Two small 30cm doors turning outwards into the already narrow hallway. So turning into the bathroom in your wheelchair was absolutely impossible. The door into the shower was even smaller. No grip near the toilet. A built in wash basin with no space underneath for my knees. And for wheelchair users a horrible useless bathtub. So for one night my wife and I managed.

But the second surprise came the morning after. The breakfast restaurant had two steps. And like we all know a powered wheelchair is to heavy to lift. So we had to make a complaint at the front desk. Two options were open. Breakfast at the 27th floor or room service. Well we had breakfast like we expected, but the relaxing stay we had hoped for was gone.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Accommodations Wheelchair Thailand mapped

Google Earth is a great way to show where our holiday homes are located.

Wheelchair Thailand rents out 6 different wheelchair accessible holiday homes for disabled people. These accommodations are located in France, Hungary, The Netherlands and Thailand. The adapted houses in Hua Hin, Thailand are mapped. Other location of Wheelchair Thailand / will follow. So everyone can see that our holiday homes are located conveniently in comparison with our competition. Within walking / rolling distance you always will find restaurants, shops, supermarket, markets, grocery stores, beach, sea/lake, etc.

You can navigate on this map. Arrows left, right, up and down. Plus and minus to zoom in and out. You can even drag with your mouse.
Yellow house signs are the accommodations of Wheelchair Thailand. And green signs of the competition. The red triangle is Soi Bintabaht, the red light district, in the center of Hua Hin across the Hilton Hotel. Click on these signs and you will get more information.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Airlink Skytrain BTS Subway MRT wheelchair accessible Bangkok

October 2, 2010
Airport Rail link Cityline, Bangkok

Yes, we did it again. After we heave heard about the airlink from Suvarnabhumi Airport to the city center of Bangkok and our experiences with BTS Skytrain and MRT Subway we just had to try it.

Since we were going to pick up a good friend from the airport we started the day two hours earlier to explore the Airlink with cityline and expressline. Just like we promised on many different Weblogs.

We have explored the route on the airport from the arrival terminal to the airport link concourse. We ask about the accessibility at the information desk. And after buying tickets (15 Baht each one way) we took of. At every station we have tried to make pictures, looked for elevators and wheelchair signes. We stayed in the train till Phaya Thai, got out and bought a return tickets. And made a picture of the wheelchair accessible restroom. Yeah, they really understand it now. I'm so happy. There is also an accessible restroom at the Makkasan station according to the leaflet.

We don't want to withold you the pictures so take a look at my Picasa webalbum of Airlink. You can zoom in if you want.

When you are at Phaya Thai it is just a short walk to the shopping district Siam Square, Siam Paragon, MBK, Panthip Plaza, Big C, etc. This is shoppers delight. Have fun.

Tell your experience here in a comment.

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Scams and sweet talk in Hua Hin, Thailand

When you visit Hua Hin regularly like we do you get to know people and they get to know you. So wherever you go you will meet them once in a while.

Sales people in the streets of Hua Hin sell everything. Food, drinks, clothes, souvenirs, etc. The women in traditional clothes walk the streets every night all year round. We meet them every time when we are in Hua Hin. They sweet talk you into buying souvenirs. Our good friend Fred bought 4 necklaces, 3 bracelets and a fake tiger tooth. They try to charge him 2000 Baht. At last he paid 1000 and got one bracelet for free after the deal. And so did I. So no scams here.

The video was shot in Soi Bintabaht, the red light district of Hua Hin. The ladies / women, even young girls are working in the bars to support their family. The women try to lure you into the bar to have a drink. Some bars are wheelchair accessible. When you buy a drink they expect you to buy one for them too. And after a few drinks they tell me: "I can take care of you, mister". A wheelchair is just a minor obstacle. So be careful. Take a set amount of money and leave your credit card at home. And the second warning. When you take a woman to your house or hotel make sure you have save sex. Take you shots before coming to Thailand. And have a checkup after your holiday. Because sexual transmitted diseases are not the kind of souvenir you want to take home.

Friday, 8 October 2010

Last minute Accessible Pool Villa, Hua Hin, Thailand

Pool Villa,
Hua Hin, Thailand

Welcome to our wheelchair accessible poolvilla, Hua Hin, Thailand.

This villa is adapted for people in wheelchairs. My wife and I rent out this house to fellow disabled and their families and care takers. The villa is suitable for up to 7 people. Housekeeper Audom will perform all household duties. Our administrator Pannida V. will welcome you.

Today we have an offer you cannot refuse. We give 20% discount on the regular price per night when you book for at least 10 nights between 16 November and 6 December 2010.

This price includes rental fee, housekeeper service, laundry service, water, drinking water, energy up to 40kWh/day, free use of computer and internet, free use of aids/medical equipment, free use of bed/bath/beach and kitchen linen, free diner at night of arrival, free grocery package for first breakfast and cold drinks.

Airport transfer for 3.500 Baht / +/- 83 Euro.

For availability click here.

Hope to meet you in Hua Hin.

For reservation please email to

FACEBOOK, here we come

October 8,2010

Today we have started to use our facebook account WheelchairThailand Hua Hin.

Discounts, news, updates, offers and items for free will be published here. Keep on track and you can benefit.

Sunday, 3 October 2010

Wheelchair accessible holidays homes

Where can you find our holidays homes?
Who are we?
What do we do?
And why are we doing this?

Sometimes people ask how many holiday homes we have. We always answer them truthfully. We have 6 houses. And when we are talking about these houses we are feeling lucky we were able to start these wheelchair accessible houses with help of our family. And in this way we like to thank them for their support and their trust.

For those people who don't know where these houses are located we wrote down a summary.

1 Velence, Hungary, bungalow for 6 people near Lake Velence at 45 km of Budapest. Administrator Misi M.
2 France, Canet en Roussillon, Ground floor apartment for 6 people. Administrators Johanna and Theo d B.
3 Coconut Grove, Hua Hin, Thailand, Wheelchair accessible villa in Thailand for 6 people with housekeeper Audom. Administrator Pannida Visser V, nickname Peanut.
4 Tira Tiraa, Hua Hin, Thailand, groundfloor apartment for 4 people. Cleaning lady Fon, she speaks English. Pannida V, nickname Peanut, welcomes our guests.
5 Studio74, Hua Hin, Thailand, studio, not wheelchair accessible, for 2 people/care takers, cleaning lady Fon, she speaks English. Pannida V, nickname Peanut, welcomes our guests.
6 Almere, The Netherlands, groundfloor apartment Almere for 2 persons next to our own bungalow. Wheelchair accessible. Cleaning lady Sonja V. Administrator Johanna F.

Who are we?
I'm Hanneke Fronik. Take a look at our profile picture. We are in the picture. We have nothing to hide.

What do we do?
We rent out these houses. Nothing more, nothing less.
We are taking pride in what we do.

Sometimes people try to copy our houses, our website, our name. We know of one guy, Michel S., in Hua Hin who was telling a Norwegian women that he is Jan and that he owns an apartment in the South of France. Within three hours after posting this guy called and threaten to make trouble.
Sometimes people think we are in the real estate business too. Absolutely not. We don't sell houses, we don't develop projects and we don't own holiday resorts. And neither does our staff.
Together with her Dutch girlfriend GvdR our previous housekeeper P sold us out to three falang home owners JS, CR and AV.
So what does this prove? We are good, very good in what we do and they want to get better using our knowledge and our good reputation to get there.

And why are we doing this?
Because it is difficult to find a really well accessible holiday home? We guarantee people our houses can be used by wheelchair users and mobility impaired people. And we guarantee these houses are conveniently located.

In case you have questions or remarks about us, our houses or our staff at these locations don't hesitate to email.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Health care resort Hua Hin

September 23, 2010
Bangkok Hospital

Some people don't like to travel abroad because they are afraid the health care is not as good as in their home country. We can tell these people have nothing to fear. In beach resort Hua Hin, Thailand health care is very good.

Hua Hin has two hospitals up and running.

The first is Sao Paolo Hospital. This is a private hospital in the center of town. This hospital is within two kilometers of our accessible accommodations, Villa Coconut Grove and apartments Tira Tiraa.

The second hospital is Hua Hin Hospital. This is a government hospital and they provide excellent care. They have a trauma center, a cardiac ambulance, a CT-scan, english speaking hostess and beautiful first class rooms (hear say). Even the King of Thailand has his own floor in this hospital. One of our customers went here to see a orthopedic doctor and he was very satisfied. Except for the time he had to wait. They don't work with appointments. So you have to wait for your turn.
See this post to read about his story.

The third hospital is still being built and is scheduled to open at the end of this year. This is a privat hospital. They provide excellent care to foreign people. And this hospital is in walking distance of our adapted villa Coconut Grove. Till now foreign people choose to go to Bangkok Hospital in Bangkok in case this is needed.
At the end of this year they can stay in Hua Hin.

In case you have any questions about health care in beach resort Hua Hin we will try to provide you with this information.

Monday, 27 September 2010

Careresorts Hua Hin, Thailand

Care takers Da and Mood
Anantarak Health Training School
Hua Hin, September 2010

Some time ago a family contacted us about a holiday in our wheelchair accessible apartment in Hua Hin. The women, Els, was using a wheelchair and normally her husband, Ruben, takes care of her in The Netherlands. During their holiday they wanted a nurse to take care of her and asked if we could provide this service like we promise on our homepage.

We can provide this care on our holiday resort. We have contacted Anantarak Health Training School for a care taker. The first day the manager of Anantarak is coming to ask what kind of help is needed. A caretaker is coming along and stays to help out immediately. Our guest / customer can negotiate this care directly. We are only present in case translation from Dutch into English is needed.

In case you are thinking of having a caretaker during your holiday in one of our adapted holiday accommodations in Hua Hin you don't have to worry about the price. This care is cheap, very cheap. The care takers are professionally trained and speak some English. Their home base is just 50 meters from our accessible Tira Tiraa apartments in Hua Hin.

Personal help for disabled in Thailand provided by Anantarak together with the service of our housekeeper will give you a perfect holiday in which you and your family can recover from all days stress. You will find real relaxation since all your needs are being met.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Trouble in Paradise, Careresorts founded.

July 2010, Hua Hin Hospital

Just another story of one of our guests. And like a true Thai they accept bad things can happen and good things will come to them.

During a stay of one of our guests in our accessible Villa Coconut Grove a discus collapsed of our male visitor. So here is trouble in Paradise big time. Not able to take care for his wife, crawling in bed from pain keeping him awake, no feeling in parts of his left foot and still time left before they could go home. So our staff needed to take action.

First pain medication. On recommendation from a very experienced European nurse and a search on internet for this specific pain killer our housekeeper bought Arcoxia 90 mg for him in the local farmacy. No prescription needed here.

Second they had to call their travel insurance. Sitting for twelve hours is not possible in his situation. So a change of tickets is needed and they were in need of support on their way home. After one week a friend is allowed to come over and assist them on their way home.

Third is to go to the hospital to have a check up at his back in the Hua Hin Hospital. Our staff is coming along to translate. No appointment possible so they have to wait on their turn to see the orthopedic doctor. Meanwhile he has an X-ray taken. The results are private but the interesting thing is that the hospital has English speaking staff which can accompany the foreign visitor.

And fourth to get personal care for his wife. A Hua Hin based company can provide two nurses, each one shift of 8 hours. And with some students to train our guest can tell she got some good and sweet care of two lovely Thai women.

So from this point on Hua Hin Careresorts Thailand is founded.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Accessible hotels Hua Hin, the Thai way

January 2010.
Jan in front of The Old Buffalo, Hua Hin.

A few months back I got an email from a Norwegian woman about her trip to Thailand. She found a place to stay and ask me for wheelchair accessible transport to Hua Hin. Since I was very curious where she was going to stay I asked the name of the hotel. It was The Old Buffalo. The same night we went to see the place already sure it wasn't what she hoped for. At instant we saw this place is not accessible. So we took pictures at the outside and wrote her an email that we would arrange her tranfer but that the hotel wasn't accessible. See the picture here.

She wrote back to us the owner would make a ramp. Since the entrance is on the road the ramps would be very steep. And so it was. The ramp was as long as the staircase is high. She tried the ramp and the first time she nearly fell over backwards. We went into the hotel helping here with the luggage, etc. And I took pictures to show to Jan later. He was staying outside because he tought the ramp was to steep and to dangerous. After the ramp and the entrance follows a narrow hallway (no turning here in your wheelchair). The elavator to the top floor is fine, but then the worst part begins. Step up, step down, only sun on the roof top terrace, etc. Barking dogs at night. Cars driving up and down the road, parking in front of the restaurants down stairs.
This is just another example of Thai accessibility although an Englishman is running this place. He should know better.

I have two positive things to say about this place. The view from the roof top terrace is great. And you are in the middle of the town.
So why not turn this roof top into a luxurious loungebar or first class restaurant? You already have a pub / restaurant downstairs appreciated by many people.


Saturday, 11 September 2010

Accessible travel. How to choose!

September 11, 2010.
Road down to Hua Hin.

Many years of traveling in my powered wheelchair doesn't make me the Guru of accessible travel. But I can tell a lot about my experience. I have traveled in a caravan, I have traveled to cottages, I have been flying to different parts of the World and stayed in different kinds of accommodations. Accommodations more or less adapted to handicapped people. Sometimes very satisfying, sometimes very disappointing.

So here some tips how to choose your accommodation.
1 Find the original website of the accommodation. Google the hotel, the resort, etc.
2 Read carefully the description. Try to find all the information about accessibility.
3 What is important to you. Write an email to the accommodation with all your questions about accessibility.
4 Location. In the center of town, at the skirts of the town center or in the middle of nowhere. Ask for proof. For instance the picture. A resort which aims to be accessible and tells you they are 10 min from the town center. Is this ten minutes of walking, driving a car, cycling a bike or what? I investigated the location. They are 12 km out of the center in the middle of nowhere.
5 How to get around. Most of the time you will and have to go out for lunch and/or dinner. Or you just want to walk and look around at your destination. I go crazy at the country side. I like to see and to meet people. I don't like to stay in a resort where the only distraction are the same people at the same pool every day. And I don't like to order a taxi every time I think of leaving the accommodation. I don't like to take shuttle service at fixed times. I like to be free in my wheelchair. So check how you can get around.
6 Price Price can vary a lot in Hua Hin. So check out the different possibilities like hotel, guesthouse, villa or apartment. Ask how many people can stay for this price. And what you get for your money. For instance the resort in the picture. This resort asks 15.200 Baht / 40.2 = 378 Euro per night for a groundfloor apartment in high season, max 4 persons, in the middle of nowhere. Compare this price to Tira Tiraa ground floor adapted apartment. Apartment per night, high season, 4 persons, down town Hua Hin, 167 Euro or 6713 Baht.

Do you have more tips. Please write a comment on this Blog. We and fellow disabled travelers will appreciate every positive input.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Accessible travel, last minute offer.

February 12, 2005
Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands.
2005 first time, now no secrets left.

Three days ago we have left for our next stay in Thailand. Reason is the eightyth birthday of a good Dutch friend. He has served the Dutch Military during the Korean War and is now living with his Thai wife in Hua Hin. We became good friends.

Thailand is very quiet at this time and so is Hua Hin due to the protests by the red shirts in Bangkok earlier this year. In Hua Hin everything has been peaceful all the time. This is Thai King territory. No riots, no protesters, no red shirts. Not then and not now.

So it is sad to see the disabled tourists are not coming back. Thai local people are losing their jobs and if they are lucky they have a small social security income for a limited period of time. Soon they will be out of money and cannot take care of their family. Then the real problems start.

To support the Thai people and business we offer our wheelchair accessible villa Coconut Grove with a discount of 20% till november 3, 2010 on a first come first serve basis. The only thing you have to do is to send an email to, refer this Blog message and make reservation for at least 10 days. For more information about the villa take a look at our website.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Accessible hotels Thailand

Febuary 5, 2010.
China Town, Bangkok

Thai accessibility is sometimes hazardous when you are trusting the hotel staff or a taxi driver. For instance this hotel. The main entrance has 5 steps. Luckily I had some ramps with me in the van. Once I got into the hotel the first/groundfloor was level. The elevator is good.

The size of the room is okay, the price is good, but the bathroom is off. No step here, but you cannot enter the shower in your shower wheelchair. Toilet height 38 cm, like expected. Only one single grip mounted too heigh on the wall. Not enough space to park your wheelchair next to the toilet, etc. Wash basin in counter top which leaves little space for your legs and knees.

The floor where the pool is located can not be reached with a wheelchair. The elevator doesn't stop at this floor.

Later on I found the back door. Here is a steep ramp for deliveries. You need help even when you are in a powered wheelchair. No guards, so everyone can come in.

Nice restaurant on top floor. Great view over Bangkok and Chao Phraya Rover.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Accessible hotels Thailand

January 7, 2007.
Airport hotel Bangkok.

Depending on your flight schedule you might overthink a stay at an accessible hotel near the airport. There are several accessible hotels near the airport. We have checked out two of them.
The first was Thong Ta Resort about 3 km from the airport. This resort is accessible but every wheelchair user needs assistance to get into the hotel. The entrance ramp is very steep; begins at the curve of the sidewalk and ends with a 10 cm step into the hotel. This ramp is 1 meter long and has to overcome 30 cm. The entrance to the room at the ground floor has a step of 10 cm. Rooms are not well maintained. The entrance to the bathroom has also a 10 cm step. Bathroom with shower in tub. Breakfast area is not accessible for wheelchair users. No choice in breakfast, just ham and eggs, toast, marmelade and bad coffee. This is a perfect example of Thai wheelchair accessibility. So not my kind of hotel. But very affordable.

Very well adapted but expensive is the Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel. Just a 5 minute walk to the terminals. You don't need a driver to take you there. Absolute perfectly located. Beautiful room with roll in shower on the second floor with a view over the reception area. Good restaurants, very good breakfast buffet. Free shuttle service. We can recommend this wheelchair accessible hotel.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Wheelchair hotels Thailand

June 12, 2007.

Three years ago we have visited Kanchanaburi for the first time. The first day we took a look at the graveyard, the death railway and the museum. We only didn't want to visit the WOII memorial sights but also the surrounding areas. So we had to look for hotels which could accommodate me in my wheelchair.

In March we had received an email from a Dutch couple. They just opened a small resort with cottages for up to 2-6 persons. Two of these cottages would be wheelchair accessible. So of course I had to check this out. We booked a cottage for us and our house keeper. And what they said was true; the cottage was well adpated for wheelchair users. Only the path to the 6 pax cottage was very steep and long. But the view over the River Kwai and the surrounding lush tropical garden was breath taking.

After a nice breakfast we took Djo's advice and visited Khmer temples and a big dam used to make electricity. The Erawan National Park is closeby but hopeless for wheelchair users. And some people vistit the Hell fire pass. But not wheelchair friendly either. So after this day we went back to Hua Hin.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Wheelchair friendly tours, part five

February 28, 2007.
Kanchanaburi, Bridge over the River Kwai.

When I heard about the movie "Bridge over the River Kwai", I decide I had to see this spot myself. WOII is part of our history. Not only for Dutch people but for all people worldwide.

Kanchanaburi is about 2,5 hours drive from our apartment Tira Tiraa in Hua Hin. So my family and I left early in the morning in a wheelchair accessible minivan with driver. First we went to the Jeath War museum to learn about the area and the prisoners who built the bridge. The second stop was the graveyard of the soldiers who lost their life here during World War II.
Third stop was the new bridge. And last but not least the old bridge and the train. We had lunch next to the bridge. The view from the restaurant was magnificent, the old bridge and the river with floating hotels surrounded by lush vegetation. Sadly enough this train wasn't accessible for wheelchairs. So only my family got on the train and the driver and I went by car to the next train station.

Afterwards we have visited the Tiger temple. More info about this temple and the rescue of tigers in this post.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Wheelchairtour, part four

February 2, 2010, Ayutthya.

Ancient temples on wheelchair accessible temple grounds are a perfect scenery to make beautiful pictures. You don't necessarily have to because most of the statues and temples are on postcards.
This is a long trip worthwhile. In Ayutthya you will find over more than ten temples. You will walk a lot and need the car standby. Wheelchair accessible restrooms and toilets can be found along the way. Ask us for details.

From Hua Hin it is a little over 300 km. An early rise and a late arrival back is the consequence but you don't want to miss this during your holiday. We can make arrangements for our guests to this sight. We will make reservations for a wheelchair accessible taxi. And we can book a wheelchair accessible hotel in Bangkok too. Like this you can enjoy Bangkok and Ayutthya in two days. A perfect little tour to see the highlights of Thailand.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Wheelchair tour, part three.

February 2008, Rose Garden.

On your way to Bangkok you will pass Rose Garden. This themepark consists of a beautiful tropical garden around a lake, riverside restaurants, shops and Thai houses. Everyday performers entertain people with a stunning cultural Thai and elephant show. All accessible to wheelchair users. Don't miss this oppurtunity when you visit Hua Hin or Bangkok.

This tour can easily be matched with the Floating market trip. We can provide you with an accurate time schedule for both tours.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Wheelchair tours, part two

February 4, 2010.
Floating Market, Damnoen Saduak, Thailand.

For location look at our map for tours and trips.

This wheelchair tour starts early in the morning. The distance to this market is about 150 km from our accommodations in Hua Hin and the market starts and ends early. Around 11 am everything is finished and closed.

Years ago we have made this trip for the first time. We didn't know where to go but the driver did. This time we visited this market together with family and took a boat to float around. It was very busy. Maybe even worse than the traffic jam in Bangkok everyday.

This is a nice tour for wheelchair users and their company. Both can watch the hustle and bustle of the market either in their wheelchairs on the quay or in a boat. Or you can shop for souvenirs, have a bite (try the noodle soup) or a drink, buy some fruit and watch people going in and out the boats. Have a nice trip.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Wheelchairtours, part one.

February 2, 2010.

Thailand is known for his beautiful sights. All tour operators offer trips, but they don't offer wheelchair accessible tours. Backpackers can take the train, bus or the boat. Able bodied tourists can book a trip and join the group. People in wheelchairs have to take a minibus. Problem is to find a minivan for wheelchair users.

Guests of our accommodations will be offered a package of exclusive tours and trips to a variety of sights, events, shopping centers, etc. Tours in minivans with wheelchair fixations. Tours which we have checked personnally on accessibility for powered wheelchairs. We even know a few luxurious and well adapted hotels and resorts for an overnight stay. We have stayed there ourselves, we have pictures to show you and we can tell you about it first hand.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Laundry service included

March 4, 2010.
Laundry service.

Thailand is a country with many shop who provide laundry service. Not only for hotels, guesthouses and restaurants but also for private persons who spend their holiday in Thailand or live here part of the year. These shops wash your cloths and your bed, bath and kitchen linen for just a few Baht.

Most of the time you can find a laundry shop around the corner. Some condominium buildings have their own laundry shop like Tira Tiraa. So you step out the door of our wheelchair accessible apartment, walk down the hall and just around the corner is the laundry shop.

But remember guests of our villa Coconut Grove, our apartment Tira Tiraa and Studio 74 don't have to bring their laundry / clothes to the laundry shop. Our housekeeper is providing this service for free.

Have a nice holiday in Hua Hin with access for disabled.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Shoes, fit to sit.

March 5, 2005
Leather store.

During the past 30 years my shoes need amendments to keep my ankle straight. Normally in my home country this costs a lot of money. I have to buy a pair of leather boots myself. And I have to pay part of the amendments myself.

The first time I visitied Thailand I came accross this leatherstore in Hua Hin. The sign told me they make shoes, belts, wallets, jackets, etc. After a first visit I brought one of my shoes to the store. Within a few days they made a perfect copy including the amendments. And I was the proud owner of a new pair of leather boots, fit to sit in my wheelchair. Since then I go back wheever I need new shoes.

So in case you visit Thailand consider taking a pair of old shoes to make a copy.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Animal holiday homes for clothes

February 28, 2005

Rashnee Thai Silk Village
181 Naebkhehars Rd, Hua Hin

Many countries in Asia are well known for tailor made clothes. So is Thailand. And therefor you can find many tailors in Hua Hin. Different material can be used. Wool, silk and all kind of combinations.

One of these tailor shops is next to Rashnee Thai Silk Village. An exhibition, hand craft shop, where you can see how silk is made. From the butterfly to her eggs, to the caterpillar, to the cocoon ( caterpillar holiday home ), and so on. Here you can watch how the fiber is woven to cloths.

This part is level and wheelchair accessible. It has some step stones which can make it a little bit difficult for manual wheelchairs. But I didn't check the last time. Maybe they improved their sight.

Afterwards you can have a look at the tailor shop and buy some clothes made to order. When I remember well this shop is not wheelchair accessible except when you have ramps with you.

This hand craft exhibition is in walking distance of Tira Tiraa apartment, which is adapted to disabled people and has wheelchair access.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Accessdisabled, Thailand Trains

February 22, 2005.
Hua Hin train station.

The first time we were in Thailand we have visited Hua Hin Train station and the Royal Waiting Room. And every time we have visitors we show them the station. When you see pictures of Hua Hin you will always see this waiting room. Hua Hin is famous for this sight. Lovely to see. Back in time. And although wheelchair users can access the station the access to the trains is disabled.

We always tell people they have to take a look at the sign which points out where the wheelchair accessible toilet / restroom is. And the western world is debating the correct word for people in wheelchairs, impaired, etc. What is in a name?

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Wildlife, rescue unnecessary.

January 15, 2010.
Apartment Tira Tiraa,
wheelchair accessible.

To see Thai nature you don't have to visit the tropical forest. And let's be honest; it is fairly impossible to visit the Thai woods for wheelchair users. Paths and trails are not paved yet.

But even when you cannot visit the forest you can see Thai wildlife. Look at this animal. It is a garden fence lizard. Beautiful creature. Very shy. About 10 inch long. I was lucky I got his picture. Click to enlarge and click again to enlarge a second time. You will be amazed.

For other nice animals in and around houses in Hua Hin look at my picasa picture album.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Accessible sightseeing, locations mapped

Wheelchair accessible things to do in Hua Hin, Thailand
weergeven op een grotere kaart

August 4, 2010.
Copyright Hanneke Fronik

On this Blog we are writing a lot about sights in Hua Hin with wheelchair access, wheelchair accessible holiday villas, etc. And when you are traveling in a group they are planning the trips and know where the sights are.

In case you have arranged your own travel arrangements it is sometimes difficult to find these places. That is why we have mapped these locations like temples, fauna, beaches, market places, etc. Now you can find your own way in and around Hua Hin, even on your cell phone.

In the future we will be adding new sights which are accessible to disabled people as soon as we know.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Wheelchair accessible local markets

May 28, 2010. Weekendmarket.

Hua Hin has several markets. Earlier we have described the local fresh market, the Chat Chai market. Another market with wheelchair access is the weekend market. This market is located between San Paolo Hospital and Villa Market supermarket, next to the Grand Hotel and the Thai Boxing Hall. It opens around 5 pm every day.

At this market people sell a lot of stuff like pants, shoes, trousers, shirts, watches, etc. But you can also try local food like fried grasshoppers or worms. The picture shows these animals. Thai people eat them like potatoe chips or peanuts. And at the countryside poor people eat them because it is a very good source of protein.

Don't worry. They prepare proper food too. At the right side of the market are a few simple open air restaurants which you can reach with a wheelchair very easily. They serve all kinds of food to a lot of people. We eat here regurlarly and never became sick. So in case you want to have a cheap dinner go here.

Pictures of accessible places to eat including this market can be found at this Webalbum.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Access to tigers and wheelchairs

June 11, 2007. Tiger temple.

We don't like to watch animals in a zoo. We never goo to a zoo. But we care about animals in the wild. And we very much like the work of the monks in this temple. They try to prevent the tigers from extinction.

Since the time we have visited this temple a lot has changed. They have a website now where you can read what the monks do to save the tigers.

You can watch tigers, big and small. And like the picture show you can even touch them. Two men lifted Jan to the tiger. They didn't allow him to approach the tiger in his wheelchair. The tigers don't know the sound. So this may easily disturb them. Jan was amazed how big a tiger really is when you are that close to the animal. We have enjoyed our trip to this temple.

Do you want to got too? Here is the address.

"Wat Pa Luangta Bua Yannasampanno Forest Monastery"
Saiyok District, Kanchanaburi Province, 71150;
THAILAND Tel: 034-531-557, Fax: 034-531-558

Friday, 30 July 2010

Thai Transport for disabled

January 21, 2010 Elephant Village

Some disabled people say they can and they did and some handicapped didn't take a ride on an elephant. Truth is you have to decide for yourself. It is a non accessible attraction which is nice holiday fun for the family. I have tried once with my sister in law. You need a good balance and a little bit strength in your arms and/or legs.

A paraplegic took a ride. A few men lift him up the stairs and onto the elephant. He survived but is not going to take a ride again. His balance wasn't good enough and he stayed in his seat with help of a friend. But on the other hand when you are able to stand or even to walk a few steps then you can try.

When you decide to stay behind during the ride of your family members you can take a look around and talk to the people who run this place. They will tell you about the elephants, their age, their diet, etc. Or you can feed a baby elephant.

Accessible villas Hua Hin, Thailand

17 February 2007.

With this Blog we try to tell people about the accessibility of Hua Hin in Thailand. And we like to tell people more about adapted accommodations. We would like to start with accessible villas. Holiday homes which can accommodate wheelchair users. We invite people to add their accessible villa in a comment.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Access limited, Petchaburi

18 juli 2007, Wat Ham Sua Ta Muang and Observatory

Access limited is the title of this post. Why? Take a look at the picture and you know. Stairs and a train. But does this make the place inaccessible to wheelchair users. We don't think so. It all depends on your handicap and perseverance.

Guests of our villa Coconut Grove took this train. This disabled guy could walk a few steps with help of his parents. By far the easiest way.

At the other side of this mountain is a steep road. Very bumpy. Take the route of the worse part of the bycicle tour Luik-Bastenaken-Luik and multiply this with ten. Then you have a small idea of the condition of this road. We have tried with a powered wheelchair but stopped after ten meters.

Once you are on top of this mountain you have a beautiful view, can take walk in the park and visit the temple and observatory.
We took a walk through the city which is interesting too.

Accessibility celebrated in America

The White House Blog

Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act with Substance.

The accessible world started here 20 years ago. Nearly 18 years ago we have visited Florida and in that time we already were able to rent an adapted car, accessible hotel rooms, visit theme parks, etc.
At this time the challenge of making the world a better place for disabled people has moved to the East. And with this Blog WheelchairThailand is making a small effort to contribute by rising awareness.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Are paragolfers with handicap welcome?

Source picture:

Almost every golf course in Hua Hin is joining the Hua Hin Golf festival during the month of August. In this month the participating golf courses give discount on their normal fees. I don't know anything about golf. I don't play. I didn't even visit a golf course in Hua Hin. I just know they have a handicap. Doesn't matter, I'm disabled too.

I do know that the Royal Hua Hin golf course, opened in 1924, is at walking distance of our wheelchair accessible apartment Tira Tiraa. This 18th hole golf course is a natural beauty. Every fairway is surrounded by big trees. The entrance of the golf course is located in the centre of Hua Hin near the railway station.
The practice field of this golf course, putting green?, is located next to Tira Tiraa, at the other side of the railway. Have fun.

Do you know the answer to the question: "Are paragolfers with handicap welcome?". Please write your answer in a comment on this Blog.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Wheelchairs and more disabled stuff

February 13, 2006

Wheelchair brake down. It can happen all the time everywhere. Wether you are at home, at work, at school or travelling the world. And when this happen you are really handicapped.

Just a flat tire is a small disappointment and will take a little bit of effort to get it fixed.

But what to do when the frame of your wheelchair is broken? Even then you can go to a local motorbike shop. Some of them are able to weld your frame back together again.

And when the electronics of your chair are failing. What then? Then you are in big trouble. You have to find a dealer of powered wheelchairs. Searching on Google won't give you what you are looking for. Because the websites are in Thai. Only insiders know where to find this information. Luckely we can provide you with some addresses of dealers and repairmen. Don't expect them to be in Hua Hin. Find here the adresses of these dealers. Some owners are disabled themselves. We hope you never will need them.

1 Dealer of wheelchairs.

2 Wheelchairs and aids / medical equipment.

In the meantime hire a wheelchair in Hua Hin. There is a shop in Market Village which is renting out manual wheelchairs.
And another suggestion. In case you know what is wrong phone your own dealer and have the parts send to Thailand and change it yourself.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Handicapped animals in Dutch care

Wildlife Rescue Center

Sometimes the truth is ugly. Wild animals being kept as a pet or even worse used to entertain tourists. Gladly there are people who are concerned about the welfare of these animals. One of these people is Edwin Wiek, a Dutchman. He founded and runs the Wildlife Rescue Center. The Wild Animal Rescue Center is located behind Kao Look Chang Temple in Petchaburi province, Thailand, approximately 40 Kms from Hua Hin.

You can vist the center and take a look around. We have visited the center once. It is wheelchair accessible. However there are a few obstacles where you might need a little bit of help. It is nice to look and walk around, see the animals and listen to the stories of the volunteers. Keep in mind these animals are a kind of disabled themselves. They didn't learn to take care of themselves. So they need help. So don't forget to make a donation to keep up the good work.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Disabled travel groups to Thailand

19 oktober 2008, Khao Tao Temple.

Really wheelchair accessible accommodations in exotic places all over the world are hard to find. And in case you find some which can accommodate groups these are even not that accessible as you think they are. Or they are located in the middle of nowhere and you need a car or taxi to transport you every time you want to go somewhere.

In case you would like to travel to Thailand as a group check out these accessible accommodations. These holiday homes can accommodate a maximum of 12 people of whom 8 wheelchair users. The houses downtown Hua Hin are close to all amenities and a perfect location to explore the town on foot or on wheels. Groups can get discount on rental prices.

Do you like to know more about group holidays? Write an email to

Monday, 19 July 2010

Group travel and holidays for handicapped wheelchair users

Looking for an accommodation accessible to handicapped people and wheelchair users who want to travel in a group to Hua Hin, Thailand look at this website.

Wheelchair repair of flat tire

January 19, 2010

Every time I come to Thailand I prepare my wheelchair the best I can to prevent it from braking down during my stay overhere. But sometimes I'm not that lucky and get a flat tire. The first time when this happened I was drinking beer in a street corner cafe. At that time I felt really disabled. Waiting in bed for my wife coming back with the tire. The people from the cafe offered their help the next morning and took my wife together with my tire to a road side bike repair shop. They were able to repair the tire but not to inflate it with air. So we walked down the street to the next shop. Here they were able to repair my tire. Imagine, Sunday morning, 9am, my tire been repaired within ten minutes for 20 Baht / 40 Eurocent. Unbelievable. And they say thank you and even smile to you. Because they know they have charged you double. But we where both happy with this arrangement.

So in case you have a flat tire go to a shop closeby and point out your problem. They will solve the problem before you know it.