Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Animal holiday homes for clothes

February 28, 2005

Rashnee Thai Silk Village
181 Naebkhehars Rd, Hua Hin

Many countries in Asia are well known for tailor made clothes. So is Thailand. And therefor you can find many tailors in Hua Hin. Different material can be used. Wool, silk and all kind of combinations.

One of these tailor shops is next to Rashnee Thai Silk Village. An exhibition, hand craft shop, where you can see how silk is made. From the butterfly to her eggs, to the caterpillar, to the cocoon ( caterpillar holiday home ), and so on. Here you can watch how the fiber is woven to cloths.

This part is level and wheelchair accessible. It has some step stones which can make it a little bit difficult for manual wheelchairs. But I didn't check the last time. Maybe they improved their sight.

Afterwards you can have a look at the tailor shop and buy some clothes made to order. When I remember well this shop is not wheelchair accessible except when you have ramps with you.

This hand craft exhibition is in walking distance of Tira Tiraa apartment, which is adapted to disabled people and has wheelchair access.

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