Friday, 27 August 2010

Accessible hotels Thailand

January 7, 2007.
Airport hotel Bangkok.

Depending on your flight schedule you might overthink a stay at an accessible hotel near the airport. There are several accessible hotels near the airport. We have checked out two of them.
The first was Thong Ta Resort about 3 km from the airport. This resort is accessible but every wheelchair user needs assistance to get into the hotel. The entrance ramp is very steep; begins at the curve of the sidewalk and ends with a 10 cm step into the hotel. This ramp is 1 meter long and has to overcome 30 cm. The entrance to the room at the ground floor has a step of 10 cm. Rooms are not well maintained. The entrance to the bathroom has also a 10 cm step. Bathroom with shower in tub. Breakfast area is not accessible for wheelchair users. No choice in breakfast, just ham and eggs, toast, marmelade and bad coffee. This is a perfect example of Thai wheelchair accessibility. So not my kind of hotel. But very affordable.

Very well adapted but expensive is the Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel. Just a 5 minute walk to the terminals. You don't need a driver to take you there. Absolute perfectly located. Beautiful room with roll in shower on the second floor with a view over the reception area. Good restaurants, very good breakfast buffet. Free shuttle service. We can recommend this wheelchair accessible hotel.

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