Saturday, 28 August 2010

Accessible hotels Thailand

Febuary 5, 2010.
China Town, Bangkok

Thai accessibility is sometimes hazardous when you are trusting the hotel staff or a taxi driver. For instance this hotel. The main entrance has 5 steps. Luckily I had some ramps with me in the van. Once I got into the hotel the first/groundfloor was level. The elevator is good.

The size of the room is okay, the price is good, but the bathroom is off. No step here, but you cannot enter the shower in your shower wheelchair. Toilet height 38 cm, like expected. Only one single grip mounted too heigh on the wall. Not enough space to park your wheelchair next to the toilet, etc. Wash basin in counter top which leaves little space for your legs and knees.

The floor where the pool is located can not be reached with a wheelchair. The elevator doesn't stop at this floor.

Later on I found the back door. Here is a steep ramp for deliveries. You need help even when you are in a powered wheelchair. No guards, so everyone can come in.

Nice restaurant on top floor. Great view over Bangkok and Chao Phraya Rover.

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