Saturday, 28 August 2010

Accessible hotels Thailand

Febuary 5, 2010.
China Town, Bangkok

Thai accessibility is sometimes hazardous when you are trusting the hotel staff or a taxi driver. For instance this hotel. The main entrance has 5 steps. Luckily I had some ramps with me in the van. Once I got into the hotel the first/groundfloor was level. The elevator is good.

The size of the room is okay, the price is good, but the bathroom is off. No step here, but you cannot enter the shower in your shower wheelchair. Toilet height 38 cm, like expected. Only one single grip mounted too heigh on the wall. Not enough space to park your wheelchair next to the toilet, etc. Wash basin in counter top which leaves little space for your legs and knees.

The floor where the pool is located can not be reached with a wheelchair. The elevator doesn't stop at this floor.

Later on I found the back door. Here is a steep ramp for deliveries. You need help even when you are in a powered wheelchair. No guards, so everyone can come in.

Nice restaurant on top floor. Great view over Bangkok and Chao Phraya Rover.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Accessible hotels Thailand

January 7, 2007.
Airport hotel Bangkok.

Depending on your flight schedule you might overthink a stay at an accessible hotel near the airport. There are several accessible hotels near the airport. We have checked out two of them.
The first was Thong Ta Resort about 3 km from the airport. This resort is accessible but every wheelchair user needs assistance to get into the hotel. The entrance ramp is very steep; begins at the curve of the sidewalk and ends with a 10 cm step into the hotel. This ramp is 1 meter long and has to overcome 30 cm. The entrance to the room at the ground floor has a step of 10 cm. Rooms are not well maintained. The entrance to the bathroom has also a 10 cm step. Bathroom with shower in tub. Breakfast area is not accessible for wheelchair users. No choice in breakfast, just ham and eggs, toast, marmelade and bad coffee. This is a perfect example of Thai wheelchair accessibility. So not my kind of hotel. But very affordable.

Very well adapted but expensive is the Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel. Just a 5 minute walk to the terminals. You don't need a driver to take you there. Absolute perfectly located. Beautiful room with roll in shower on the second floor with a view over the reception area. Good restaurants, very good breakfast buffet. Free shuttle service. We can recommend this wheelchair accessible hotel.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Wheelchair hotels Thailand

June 12, 2007.

Three years ago we have visited Kanchanaburi for the first time. The first day we took a look at the graveyard, the death railway and the museum. We only didn't want to visit the WOII memorial sights but also the surrounding areas. So we had to look for hotels which could accommodate me in my wheelchair.

In March we had received an email from a Dutch couple. They just opened a small resort with cottages for up to 2-6 persons. Two of these cottages would be wheelchair accessible. So of course I had to check this out. We booked a cottage for us and our house keeper. And what they said was true; the cottage was well adpated for wheelchair users. Only the path to the 6 pax cottage was very steep and long. But the view over the River Kwai and the surrounding lush tropical garden was breath taking.

After a nice breakfast we took Djo's advice and visited Khmer temples and a big dam used to make electricity. The Erawan National Park is closeby but hopeless for wheelchair users. And some people vistit the Hell fire pass. But not wheelchair friendly either. So after this day we went back to Hua Hin.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Wheelchair friendly tours, part five

February 28, 2007.
Kanchanaburi, Bridge over the River Kwai.

When I heard about the movie "Bridge over the River Kwai", I decide I had to see this spot myself. WOII is part of our history. Not only for Dutch people but for all people worldwide.

Kanchanaburi is about 2,5 hours drive from our apartment Tira Tiraa in Hua Hin. So my family and I left early in the morning in a wheelchair accessible minivan with driver. First we went to the Jeath War museum to learn about the area and the prisoners who built the bridge. The second stop was the graveyard of the soldiers who lost their life here during World War II.
Third stop was the new bridge. And last but not least the old bridge and the train. We had lunch next to the bridge. The view from the restaurant was magnificent, the old bridge and the river with floating hotels surrounded by lush vegetation. Sadly enough this train wasn't accessible for wheelchairs. So only my family got on the train and the driver and I went by car to the next train station.

Afterwards we have visited the Tiger temple. More info about this temple and the rescue of tigers in this post.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Wheelchairtour, part four

February 2, 2010, Ayutthya.

Ancient temples on wheelchair accessible temple grounds are a perfect scenery to make beautiful pictures. You don't necessarily have to because most of the statues and temples are on postcards.
This is a long trip worthwhile. In Ayutthya you will find over more than ten temples. You will walk a lot and need the car standby. Wheelchair accessible restrooms and toilets can be found along the way. Ask us for details.

From Hua Hin it is a little over 300 km. An early rise and a late arrival back is the consequence but you don't want to miss this during your holiday. We can make arrangements for our guests to this sight. We will make reservations for a wheelchair accessible taxi. And we can book a wheelchair accessible hotel in Bangkok too. Like this you can enjoy Bangkok and Ayutthya in two days. A perfect little tour to see the highlights of Thailand.

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Wheelchair tour, part three.

February 2008, Rose Garden.

On your way to Bangkok you will pass Rose Garden. This themepark consists of a beautiful tropical garden around a lake, riverside restaurants, shops and Thai houses. Everyday performers entertain people with a stunning cultural Thai and elephant show. All accessible to wheelchair users. Don't miss this oppurtunity when you visit Hua Hin or Bangkok.

This tour can easily be matched with the Floating market trip. We can provide you with an accurate time schedule for both tours.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Wheelchair tours, part two

February 4, 2010.
Floating Market, Damnoen Saduak, Thailand.

For location look at our map for tours and trips.

This wheelchair tour starts early in the morning. The distance to this market is about 150 km from our accommodations in Hua Hin and the market starts and ends early. Around 11 am everything is finished and closed.

Years ago we have made this trip for the first time. We didn't know where to go but the driver did. This time we visited this market together with family and took a boat to float around. It was very busy. Maybe even worse than the traffic jam in Bangkok everyday.

This is a nice tour for wheelchair users and their company. Both can watch the hustle and bustle of the market either in their wheelchairs on the quay or in a boat. Or you can shop for souvenirs, have a bite (try the noodle soup) or a drink, buy some fruit and watch people going in and out the boats. Have a nice trip.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Wheelchairtours, part one.

February 2, 2010.

Thailand is known for his beautiful sights. All tour operators offer trips, but they don't offer wheelchair accessible tours. Backpackers can take the train, bus or the boat. Able bodied tourists can book a trip and join the group. People in wheelchairs have to take a minibus. Problem is to find a minivan for wheelchair users.

Guests of our accommodations will be offered a package of exclusive tours and trips to a variety of sights, events, shopping centers, etc. Tours in minivans with wheelchair fixations. Tours which we have checked personnally on accessibility for powered wheelchairs. We even know a few luxurious and well adapted hotels and resorts for an overnight stay. We have stayed there ourselves, we have pictures to show you and we can tell you about it first hand.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Laundry service included

March 4, 2010.
Laundry service.

Thailand is a country with many shop who provide laundry service. Not only for hotels, guesthouses and restaurants but also for private persons who spend their holiday in Thailand or live here part of the year. These shops wash your cloths and your bed, bath and kitchen linen for just a few Baht.

Most of the time you can find a laundry shop around the corner. Some condominium buildings have their own laundry shop like Tira Tiraa. So you step out the door of our wheelchair accessible apartment, walk down the hall and just around the corner is the laundry shop.

But remember guests of our villa Coconut Grove, our apartment Tira Tiraa and Studio 74 don't have to bring their laundry / clothes to the laundry shop. Our housekeeper is providing this service for free.

Have a nice holiday in Hua Hin with access for disabled.

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Shoes, fit to sit.

March 5, 2005
Leather store.

During the past 30 years my shoes need amendments to keep my ankle straight. Normally in my home country this costs a lot of money. I have to buy a pair of leather boots myself. And I have to pay part of the amendments myself.

The first time I visitied Thailand I came accross this leatherstore in Hua Hin. The sign told me they make shoes, belts, wallets, jackets, etc. After a first visit I brought one of my shoes to the store. Within a few days they made a perfect copy including the amendments. And I was the proud owner of a new pair of leather boots, fit to sit in my wheelchair. Since then I go back wheever I need new shoes.

So in case you visit Thailand consider taking a pair of old shoes to make a copy.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Animal holiday homes for clothes

February 28, 2005

Rashnee Thai Silk Village
181 Naebkhehars Rd, Hua Hin

Many countries in Asia are well known for tailor made clothes. So is Thailand. And therefor you can find many tailors in Hua Hin. Different material can be used. Wool, silk and all kind of combinations.

One of these tailor shops is next to Rashnee Thai Silk Village. An exhibition, hand craft shop, where you can see how silk is made. From the butterfly to her eggs, to the caterpillar, to the cocoon ( caterpillar holiday home ), and so on. Here you can watch how the fiber is woven to cloths.

This part is level and wheelchair accessible. It has some step stones which can make it a little bit difficult for manual wheelchairs. But I didn't check the last time. Maybe they improved their sight.

Afterwards you can have a look at the tailor shop and buy some clothes made to order. When I remember well this shop is not wheelchair accessible except when you have ramps with you.

This hand craft exhibition is in walking distance of Tira Tiraa apartment, which is adapted to disabled people and has wheelchair access.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Accessdisabled, Thailand Trains

February 22, 2005.
Hua Hin train station.

The first time we were in Thailand we have visited Hua Hin Train station and the Royal Waiting Room. And every time we have visitors we show them the station. When you see pictures of Hua Hin you will always see this waiting room. Hua Hin is famous for this sight. Lovely to see. Back in time. And although wheelchair users can access the station the access to the trains is disabled.

We always tell people they have to take a look at the sign which points out where the wheelchair accessible toilet / restroom is. And the western world is debating the correct word for people in wheelchairs, impaired, etc. What is in a name?

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Wildlife, rescue unnecessary.

January 15, 2010.
Apartment Tira Tiraa,
wheelchair accessible.

To see Thai nature you don't have to visit the tropical forest. And let's be honest; it is fairly impossible to visit the Thai woods for wheelchair users. Paths and trails are not paved yet.

But even when you cannot visit the forest you can see Thai wildlife. Look at this animal. It is a garden fence lizard. Beautiful creature. Very shy. About 10 inch long. I was lucky I got his picture. Click to enlarge and click again to enlarge a second time. You will be amazed.

For other nice animals in and around houses in Hua Hin look at my picasa picture album.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Accessible sightseeing, locations mapped

Wheelchair accessible things to do in Hua Hin, Thailand
weergeven op een grotere kaart

August 4, 2010.
Copyright Hanneke Fronik

On this Blog we are writing a lot about sights in Hua Hin with wheelchair access, wheelchair accessible holiday villas, etc. And when you are traveling in a group they are planning the trips and know where the sights are.

In case you have arranged your own travel arrangements it is sometimes difficult to find these places. That is why we have mapped these locations like temples, fauna, beaches, market places, etc. Now you can find your own way in and around Hua Hin, even on your cell phone.

In the future we will be adding new sights which are accessible to disabled people as soon as we know.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Wheelchair accessible local markets

May 28, 2010. Weekendmarket.

Hua Hin has several markets. Earlier we have described the local fresh market, the Chat Chai market. Another market with wheelchair access is the weekend market. This market is located between San Paolo Hospital and Villa Market supermarket, next to the Grand Hotel and the Thai Boxing Hall. It opens around 5 pm every day.

At this market people sell a lot of stuff like pants, shoes, trousers, shirts, watches, etc. But you can also try local food like fried grasshoppers or worms. The picture shows these animals. Thai people eat them like potatoe chips or peanuts. And at the countryside poor people eat them because it is a very good source of protein.

Don't worry. They prepare proper food too. At the right side of the market are a few simple open air restaurants which you can reach with a wheelchair very easily. They serve all kinds of food to a lot of people. We eat here regurlarly and never became sick. So in case you want to have a cheap dinner go here.

Pictures of accessible places to eat including this market can be found at this Webalbum.

Monday, 2 August 2010

Access to tigers and wheelchairs

June 11, 2007. Tiger temple.

We don't like to watch animals in a zoo. We never goo to a zoo. But we care about animals in the wild. And we very much like the work of the monks in this temple. They try to prevent the tigers from extinction.

Since the time we have visited this temple a lot has changed. They have a website now where you can read what the monks do to save the tigers.

You can watch tigers, big and small. And like the picture show you can even touch them. Two men lifted Jan to the tiger. They didn't allow him to approach the tiger in his wheelchair. The tigers don't know the sound. So this may easily disturb them. Jan was amazed how big a tiger really is when you are that close to the animal. We have enjoyed our trip to this temple.

Do you want to got too? Here is the address.

"Wat Pa Luangta Bua Yannasampanno Forest Monastery"
Saiyok District, Kanchanaburi Province, 71150;
THAILAND Tel: 034-531-557, Fax: 034-531-558