Sunday, 26 April 2015

Disabled holidays; sun and rain in Hua Hin

When I am planning our holiday I always take the weather into account. I love sunshine and warm weather. So I like to travel to warm places with lots of sun in the European winter. But when you are living in Australia you probably like to travel in the Australian wintertime, summer in France and rainy season Thailand.

Since I have travel often to Thailand I have experienced all seasons here, winter, summer and rainy season. And surprisingly I found the rainy season not that bad. Most of the time it rain is short heavy showers, sometimes with a lot of wind, but never a hurricane. I'm used to a humid climate in The Netherlands and cold rain. In Hua Hin, Thailand rain is always warm. You get wet, but not cold.

When you plan your holiday it mostly depends on holiday season, school holidays and so on. To help you to find the ideal weather you can consult climate in Hua Hin or any other climate website on the internet.
Monks, early morning on Hua Hin Beach.