Friday, 30 July 2010

Thai Transport for disabled

January 21, 2010 Elephant Village

Some disabled people say they can and they did and some handicapped didn't take a ride on an elephant. Truth is you have to decide for yourself. It is a non accessible attraction which is nice holiday fun for the family. I have tried once with my sister in law. You need a good balance and a little bit strength in your arms and/or legs.

A paraplegic took a ride. A few men lift him up the stairs and onto the elephant. He survived but is not going to take a ride again. His balance wasn't good enough and he stayed in his seat with help of a friend. But on the other hand when you are able to stand or even to walk a few steps then you can try.

When you decide to stay behind during the ride of your family members you can take a look around and talk to the people who run this place. They will tell you about the elephants, their age, their diet, etc. Or you can feed a baby elephant.

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