Thursday, 29 July 2010

Access limited, Petchaburi

18 juli 2007, Wat Ham Sua Ta Muang and Observatory

Access limited is the title of this post. Why? Take a look at the picture and you know. Stairs and a train. But does this make the place inaccessible to wheelchair users. We don't think so. It all depends on your handicap and perseverance.

Guests of our villa Coconut Grove took this train. This disabled guy could walk a few steps with help of his parents. By far the easiest way.

At the other side of this mountain is a steep road. Very bumpy. Take the route of the worse part of the bycicle tour Luik-Bastenaken-Luik and multiply this with ten. Then you have a small idea of the condition of this road. We have tried with a powered wheelchair but stopped after ten meters.

Once you are on top of this mountain you have a beautiful view, can take walk in the park and visit the temple and observatory.
We took a walk through the city which is interesting too.

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