Monday, 19 July 2010

Wheelchair repair of flat tire

January 19, 2010

Every time I come to Thailand I prepare my wheelchair the best I can to prevent it from braking down during my stay overhere. But sometimes I'm not that lucky and get a flat tire. The first time when this happened I was drinking beer in a street corner cafe. At that time I felt really disabled. Waiting in bed for my wife coming back with the tire. The people from the cafe offered their help the next morning and took my wife together with my tire to a road side bike repair shop. They were able to repair the tire but not to inflate it with air. So we walked down the street to the next shop. Here they were able to repair my tire. Imagine, Sunday morning, 9am, my tire been repaired within ten minutes for 20 Baht / 40 Eurocent. Unbelievable. And they say thank you and even smile to you. Because they know they have charged you double. But we where both happy with this arrangement.

So in case you have a flat tire go to a shop closeby and point out your problem. They will solve the problem before you know it.

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