Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Disabled travel groups to Thailand

19 oktober 2008, Khao Tao Temple.

Really wheelchair accessible accommodations in exotic places all over the world are hard to find. And in case you find some which can accommodate groups these are even not that accessible as you think they are. Or they are located in the middle of nowhere and you need a car or taxi to transport you every time you want to go somewhere.

In case you would like to travel to Thailand as a group check out these accessible accommodations. These holiday homes can accommodate a maximum of 12 people of whom 8 wheelchair users. The houses downtown Hua Hin are close to all amenities and a perfect location to explore the town on foot or on wheels. Groups can get discount on rental prices.

Do you like to know more about group holidays? Write an email to info@gehandicapten.com.

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