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Assisted living, yes or no?

November 13, 2011

Every new day has new chances. Yesterday evening Kung, the Thai nurse, went to bed without saying goodnight while we were talking to Alfie. After all we didn't see him for 5 years. Since then a lot happened. And not knowing what time we had to get up. Well no problem. We will see tomorrow when she knocks on our door. We have to get up at 6am. Departure is around 7 am. But this leaves me with Jan to be showered, put into bed and backpain. We took Kung, a Thai care taker, at this trip. Assisted living, YES.

Around 5 Kung is knocking on our door. Hanneke opens the door and I tell her to go back to sleep for an hour. After an hour she is coming back to dress Jan. Together we go outside for breakfast. In the meantime Charles is collecting our luggage. This is a friendly, helpful, hard working man and already deserves a tip.

Today we are moving to the next camp. Alfie will take us on a game drive. We follow the river Sabie and along the road we see new animals. And every time the landscape is different from the day before. Kung is sleeping during the trip and waking up everytime we stop. She is not able to take care of me anymore. So Hanneke is taking over to ensure my need of assisted living.

During the day we see a lot of nice things. Like a elephant museu, a bushbok on the terrace of the restaurant, a local wheelchair / commode and of course a lot of animals. We see a sale on Amarula, a local liqor made from the Marula fruit. We buy two bottles and get 8 glasses for free. And after a wonderfull afternoon spent with friends to be we arrive at Satara Camp.

Our quarters are wheelchair accessible cottages again built in a circle. And before Jan even has noticed he already has a flat tire due to the thorns of the trees surrounding the cottages. And thank God we have Alfie with us. He is fixing Jan's wheelchair in no time. Thank you Alfie you are the greatest.

Charles and Alfie are preparing diner while we are settling in. Before diner Jan has a chat with Kung. Kung tells Jan she is to tired, she needs sleep, she is not used to heavy work, etc. Together they decide it is best to put an end to this employment. Exit Kung. Assisted living, NO. Hanneke takes over my care.

During diner we talk to our travel companions and treat them on Amarula. Everyone likes it and the bottle is emptied within the hour. After lending our plug to Robert and wash the glasses we go to bed.

To be continued.

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