Sunday, 12 December 2010

Kruger tour in wheelchair accessible transport for disabled

November 12, 2010
Kruger tour with Epic Enabled
Lunch en route

Today our safari tour to the Krugerpark in South Africa starts. Two days ago this safaritruck picked us up at the airport of Johannesburg and the next week it will be our disabled transport for me and other tour members as wheelchair users.

This morning we get up very early. Departure is planned at 7.00 am. After a quick shower and packing our suitecase we have to wait for breakfast for a short while. The group is not complete yet and Alfie wakes up the people who are not present yet. Gives us time to enjoy our breakfast. At last we leave at 7.15 am.

The drive to our first accommodation in the Kruger park is 450km and will take the whole day. We start on the highway for two hours and have a coffeebrake near Middelburg. Another two hours takes us to a parking place near Nelspruit with restaurant, shops, accessible restrooms, etc. We have lunch at one of the picnic tables and walk around a bit to stretch our legs and look into the shops. I buy a jar of Marula jam and some pineapple noga.

After the lunch we leave for a short drive to the Krugerpark gate Malelane. The scenery is changing fast. We have a glimps of the River Blyde Canyon and see the countryside change from green mountain hills into savanna. At the Malaelane gate we have a short stop and see a strange tree, a sausage tree (click here for a picture). It has fruit which looks like a big sausage.

We experience our first encounters with wildlife. We are impressed, overwhelmed and stunned by the beauty of these animals in their natural habitat. Here is a nice video how it is to be in the truck and see the animals.
We don't believe in Zoo's. We believe in animals in their natural surrounding. And it proves. Animals are much bigger here than in any zoo we have been long time ago. And in case animals cannot live in their natural habitat anymore then their environment should come close as much as possible. That is why we support Wildlife Rescue Center on our facebook page Wheelchair Thailand Hua Hin. They try to bring animals back to the wild.

In the afternoon around 5pm we arrive at Skukuza Camp in the Kruger park. Nice little cottages with outside kitchen and adapted bathrooms. Perfect place to stay. Alfie and Charles are unloading the truck and are going to prepare diner. We will have pasta. Gives us time to settle in and walk around a little bit. Hanneke is having a swim and I enjoy the last minutes in the sun.

After diner and coffee everyone is going to bed early. Tomorrow we leave at 5.00am (Is this our idea of a holiday?). First we will have tea and biscuits and after the morning game drive we will get breakfast.

To be continued.

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