Sunday, 3 October 2010

Wheelchair accessible holidays homes

Where can you find our holidays homes?
Who are we?
What do we do?
And why are we doing this?

Sometimes people ask how many holiday homes we have. We always answer them truthfully. We have 6 houses. And when we are talking about these houses we are feeling lucky we were able to start these wheelchair accessible houses with help of our family. And in this way we like to thank them for their support and their trust.

For those people who don't know where these houses are located we wrote down a summary.

1 Velence, Hungary, bungalow for 6 people near Lake Velence at 45 km of Budapest. Administrator Misi M.
2 France, Canet en Roussillon, Ground floor apartment for 6 people. Administrators Johanna and Theo d B.
3 Coconut Grove, Hua Hin, Thailand, Wheelchair accessible villa in Thailand for 6 people with housekeeper Audom. Administrator Pannida Visser V, nickname Peanut.
4 Tira Tiraa, Hua Hin, Thailand, groundfloor apartment for 4 people. Cleaning lady Fon, she speaks English. Pannida V, nickname Peanut, welcomes our guests.
5 Studio74, Hua Hin, Thailand, studio, not wheelchair accessible, for 2 people/care takers, cleaning lady Fon, she speaks English. Pannida V, nickname Peanut, welcomes our guests.
6 Almere, The Netherlands, groundfloor apartment Almere for 2 persons next to our own bungalow. Wheelchair accessible. Cleaning lady Sonja V. Administrator Johanna F.

Who are we?
I'm Hanneke Fronik. Take a look at our profile picture. We are in the picture. We have nothing to hide.

What do we do?
We rent out these houses. Nothing more, nothing less.
We are taking pride in what we do.

Sometimes people try to copy our houses, our website, our name. We know of one guy, Michel S., in Hua Hin who was telling a Norwegian women that he is Jan and that he owns an apartment in the South of France. Within three hours after posting this guy called and threaten to make trouble.
Sometimes people think we are in the real estate business too. Absolutely not. We don't sell houses, we don't develop projects and we don't own holiday resorts. And neither does our staff.
Together with her Dutch girlfriend GvdR our previous housekeeper P sold us out to three falang home owners JS, CR and AV.
So what does this prove? We are good, very good in what we do and they want to get better using our knowledge and our good reputation to get there.

And why are we doing this?
Because it is difficult to find a really well accessible holiday home? We guarantee people our houses can be used by wheelchair users and mobility impaired people. And we guarantee these houses are conveniently located.

In case you have questions or remarks about us, our houses or our staff at these locations don't hesitate to email.

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