Friday, 15 October 2010

Wheelchair accessible hotels Bangkok Thailand

October 2, 2010

Sofitel Hotel, Silom, Bangkok

Like we already have proved before we always try a different hotel. Why? Because we want to tell our customers and fellow wheelchair users who want to visit Bangkok which hotel is accessible to them.
Well this time we made a reservaton in the Sofitel Hotel Silom in Bangkok. Why do we want to stay here? It is Silom. Very alive at night, nice shopping, nightmarket Patpong, and accessible public transport all   within walking distance.

But what a disappointment for a wheelchair user like me. At the time of booking the promised me they had an accessible geust room. When I arrived they didn't have a room like this. The bedroom was okay after moving some furniture. But he bathroom was completely inaccessible. Two small 30cm doors turning outwards into the already narrow hallway. So turning into the bathroom in your wheelchair was absolutely impossible. The door into the shower was even smaller. No grip near the toilet. A built in wash basin with no space underneath for my knees. And for wheelchair users a horrible useless bathtub. So for one night my wife and I managed.

But the second surprise came the morning after. The breakfast restaurant had two steps. And like we all know a powered wheelchair is to heavy to lift. So we had to make a complaint at the front desk. Two options were open. Breakfast at the 27th floor or room service. Well we had breakfast like we expected, but the relaxing stay we had hoped for was gone.

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