Sunday, 17 October 2010

Accessible restaurants in Hua Hin

September 24, 2010.
Hua Hin Center.

Downtown Hua Hin many good seafood restaurants are located on Naresdamri Road. The restaurant in the picture is Sangthai Seafood. One out of two restaurants which are frequently visited by Thai, foreigners, falang and tourists.

They have great seafood. We like the fried sun dried squid, the charcoal grilled tiger prawn, steamed fish in lemon sauce, fish fillet in curry, etc.

The service is good. The waiters and waitresses keep an eye on you and your table. They refill your glass, they serve complementary fruit at the end and the people are friendly.

The accessibility of the restaurant is perfect. And since a little while they even have a wheelchair accessible restroom. The first restaurant in this street who saw the potential of more customers. And for this they deserve at least one visit of every wheelchair using person.

Where to find Sangthai Seafood? Coming from Tira Tiraa wheelchair accessible apartment you walk, 100 meters, towards Soi 70. Turn left onto Soi 70 and walk down to Petchkasem road, 160 meter. Cross the road and continue walking on Soi 55. All the way down to the sea, 350 meter. You will see Sangthai seafood in front of you.

There are more wheelchair accessible restaurants. You can have a look at the pictures of these restaurants and even see where they are located.

Have a nice diner.

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