Saturday, 25 September 2010

Trouble in Paradise, Careresorts founded.

July 2010, Hua Hin Hospital

Just another story of one of our guests. And like a true Thai they accept bad things can happen and good things will come to them.

During a stay of one of our guests in our accessible Villa Coconut Grove a discus collapsed of our male visitor. So here is trouble in Paradise big time. Not able to take care for his wife, crawling in bed from pain keeping him awake, no feeling in parts of his left foot and still time left before they could go home. So our staff needed to take action.

First pain medication. On recommendation from a very experienced European nurse and a search on internet for this specific pain killer our housekeeper bought Arcoxia 90 mg for him in the local farmacy. No prescription needed here.

Second they had to call their travel insurance. Sitting for twelve hours is not possible in his situation. So a change of tickets is needed and they were in need of support on their way home. After one week a friend is allowed to come over and assist them on their way home.

Third is to go to the hospital to have a check up at his back in the Hua Hin Hospital. Our staff is coming along to translate. No appointment possible so they have to wait on their turn to see the orthopedic doctor. Meanwhile he has an X-ray taken. The results are private but the interesting thing is that the hospital has English speaking staff which can accompany the foreign visitor.

And fourth to get personal care for his wife. A Hua Hin based company can provide two nurses, each one shift of 8 hours. And with some students to train our guest can tell she got some good and sweet care of two lovely Thai women.

So from this point on Hua Hin Careresorts Thailand is founded.

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