Sunday, 12 September 2010

Accessible hotels Hua Hin, the Thai way

January 2010.
Jan in front of The Old Buffalo, Hua Hin.

A few months back I got an email from a Norwegian woman about her trip to Thailand. She found a place to stay and ask me for wheelchair accessible transport to Hua Hin. Since I was very curious where she was going to stay I asked the name of the hotel. It was The Old Buffalo. The same night we went to see the place already sure it wasn't what she hoped for. At instant we saw this place is not accessible. So we took pictures at the outside and wrote her an email that we would arrange her tranfer but that the hotel wasn't accessible. See the picture here.

She wrote back to us the owner would make a ramp. Since the entrance is on the road the ramps would be very steep. And so it was. The ramp was as long as the staircase is high. She tried the ramp and the first time she nearly fell over backwards. We went into the hotel helping here with the luggage, etc. And I took pictures to show to Jan later. He was staying outside because he tought the ramp was to steep and to dangerous. After the ramp and the entrance follows a narrow hallway (no turning here in your wheelchair). The elavator to the top floor is fine, but then the worst part begins. Step up, step down, only sun on the roof top terrace, etc. Barking dogs at night. Cars driving up and down the road, parking in front of the restaurants down stairs.
This is just another example of Thai accessibility although an Englishman is running this place. He should know better.

I have two positive things to say about this place. The view from the roof top terrace is great. And you are in the middle of the town.
So why not turn this roof top into a luxurious loungebar or first class restaurant? You already have a pub / restaurant downstairs appreciated by many people.


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