Saturday, 30 July 2011

Vineyards in Thailand with wheelchair accessible restaurant

July 17, 2011
Hua Hin Hills Vineyards.

Two weeks ago we have visited this vineyard. It has a nice bistro with European food on the menu. And it wouldn't be a vineyard if you couldn't taste wine.

Staff is well trained in handling wine and the wines are fairly good although you might think Thailand is not the country to grow wines. But we like the white Monsoon valley wine very much. It goes well with pasta, fish and Thai food. Perfectly served in a wine cooler on a stand. Staff pouring wine with the label in sight and avoiding to touch the glass. This is how it should be.
This is really a nice place for a lazy Sunday afternoon. No river in sight but the view over the vineyards will make this up. It is gourgeous. On Thai Holidays make reservertions up front. And after your meal or wine taste experience take a walk accross the place. Make some nice pictures or shoot a movie. Have a look at mine and see what you can expect when you visit. You can also take a elephant ride but this is not done in the eyes of Edwin Wiek.
Now the wheelchair access. The restaurant is accessible by wheelchair ramp in 4 parts. In between small platforms to rest. A powered wheelchair can take this. A manual wheelchair needs probably some help. Enough space between tables to sit with your wheelchair. And friendly staff to take out chairs.
The only major thing they have forgotten is to make the restrooms wheelchair accessible. To the toilet you get one step down, one step up, doors are wide enough but you have to stay in the space in front en the door cannot close behind you.
So the only solution you have is to visit Wat Huay Mongkol before you visit Hua Hin Hills Vineyard. Or go before you leave your accessible accommodation. offers daytrips and this is one of the many possibilities. For more information please email to

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  1. It's a nice thing in a restaurant if it is a wheelchair accessible. so that the disabled person can go in to the restaurant with ease.