Saturday, 16 July 2011

Wheelchair kadokkadek repair Bangkok

July 15, 2011
Wheelchair Kadokkadek.

Sometimes "big shit" happens.

Already in Holland I felt my wheelchair had some trouble. I also told Welzorg and the technician who takes care of my wheelchair. He just put some grease in my wheel.

A few days after my arrival my wheelchair broke down and I wasn't able to drive anymore. And still some time left here in Hua Hin before I could go home. Sitting in a manual wheelchair not able to move around is not an option for me. I would go crazy. Everytime asking my wife to move me from the porch to the computer, from the computer to the TV, from the TV to the swimmingpool, to the restaurant, etc. I feel so disabled. I like my independency in my electric wheelchair.

So I phoned my travel insurance Unive, the company Welzorg, Meyra Nederland and SOS service, etc. And it seemed they just didn't want to help me out. They even had the guts to tell me these things happen on a holiday and I had to help myself. How harsh can they be.

Luckily I shipped a very old wheelchair over from Holland 5 years ago. My wife turned two wheelchars into one. So I was able to move around very slow and with square tires. In Thailand they would say Wheelchair kadokkadek.

I contacted the company Siam Nissin in Bangkok and they were able to help me out. They ordered new parts with Meyra Germany and they send these parts over by DHL. Within a week the parts were in Bangkok. Siam Nissin wrote an email and we made an appointment two days later. Still a little bit uncertain if their first repair attempt of an electric wheelchair would be succesfull. But at the moment they started to fix the wheelchair I saw how professional their technician was. Within the hour they were able to change the parts. And just a few minutes later I was in my iron horse again. Feeling free to go wherever I want.

Congratulations Siam Nissin with your first Meyra wheelchair repair. And a very big "Thank you" to Siam Nissin and their staff.

And now to all my disabled followers I you never need but in case you do you know now where to go.

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