Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Thai animals, alive, able bodied, around our accommodations

July 7, 2011
Pool villa Coconut Grove, Hua Hin, Thailand

Sitting on my veranda and just looking around I discover all kind of young, beautiful, adorable and sometimes a little bit creepy animals. And every time when I see a different specie I try to photograph it.

Just like this little fellow / girl? It is a young Zebra dove, Geopelia striata, which flew out of the nest just before. The couple doves were breeding in our Coconut tree and had one offspring. Isn't it cute? It sat on the wire the whole day in the sun during daytime. I didn't see Mam or Dad this day. At evening we saw it again in the Coconut trees of our neighbor with Mam/Dad closeby.
The next day we didn't see it again. So probably left the area together with the parents.

Do you want to see more animals which I have discovered around our house and which I have managed to photograph? Then take a look here. Some animals live somewhere else but can be seen on daytrips with our wheelchair accessible minivan with q-straint wheelchair and occupant restraint system.

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