Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Birthday celebration King of Thailand in Hua Hin

Ice carvers in Hua Hin, King's 84th birthday.
Last Monday 5 December 2011 the King of Thailand celebrated his 84th birthday. It is a national holiday. People have a day off. All day traffic is very quiet because the people are looking television. They watch the celebration in Bangkok and listen to the King's speech. They watch ceremonies to honor the King all over Thailand.

In Hua Hin it is business as usual. Only public officials have a day off. But in the evening people are coming out of their houses and start to celebrate. Everything is well decorated with flowers, lights, candles, pictures of the King and Queen and arches to announce the King's birthday. Near the Hua Hin Municipality ice carvers are making statues with pictures of the King in it. Many people are walking on the square and looking at the statues. They walk along the food stalls and buy some food and drinks.
At 20.45 hr. decorative lights and streetslights are turned off. Cars are stopped by the police and have to turn of their engine and lights. People and police lit candles and start to sing a song wich is ending with the Phrase: "Long live the King". The celebration was ended with fireworks.

A beautiful day for the King, the King's family, people of Thailand and tourists. Wheelchair Thailand / liked this celebration in Hua Hin very much.


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