Sunday, 10 January 2010

Thai Childrens day

Friday 8 January 2010 it was childrens day in Thailand. It is like mothers day but this day is more important to the Thai. During this day children play the whole day at school. The day afterwards a lot of government buildings are open en children can look in the offices of and talk to officials. This is the learning part I expect.

Another part of the day is where parents and children go to a place where they can enjoy themselves. A lot of them went to Plearnwan in Hua Hin, a temporary building at the outside and Thai style shops and food stalls at the inside.
By accident we went there on this day because we have heard there were a lot of Thai food stalls. And it would be wheelchair accessible. And that was the main reason for us. Check it out and you won't be disappointed.

This time it was very busy because of childrens day. I think it will be less crowdy during a week day or even in the weekend.
We had a look around, had a soft drink and some Thai snacks like satay and Thai pancake with sugar.

We can recommend you to have a look and a bite. Have fun.

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