Sunday, 16 June 2013

Hungary, wheelchair at Lake Velence

Hungary, land of peppers, garlic and onions. But also land of beautiful lakes, gipsy music and part of the European Union. Changing fast in a modern community with wheelchair access.

One of the lakes in Hungary is Lake Velence. A small shallow lake, partly nature reserve, and partly a favorit destination for tourists and local people. Lake Velence has very pleasant water temperatures. So in springtime it is already busy at the lakeside with walkers, bikers, swimmers, wakeboarders, etc.
A smooth bike path around the lake gives handbikers, mobility scooter drivers and wheelchair users the opportunity to enjoy the lake the way they can.

To show you this Lake and all the things you can do around here watch this movie.

Within 100 meter from this beach you will find a wheelchair accessible holiday home, which can accommodate 6 people and which has a private pool. More information can be found on the website of
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