Sunday, 27 October 2013

Airport power Wheelchair check-in

Have you ever considered travelling with you powered wheelchair? And did you decide to leave it at home because you were afraid the handlers would damage it. Then watch this movie about me and my powered wheelchair preparations at the check-in of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for my 20th flight to Bangkok Airport Suvarnabhumi. I made this movie as an example. When you want to travel you have to find a way how to prepare your wheelchair.

What do you see?
  • A small toolkit with which you can handle bolds and screws.
  • Tie-raps to tie down cables.
  • Removal of joy stick to prevent damage to steering mechanism.
  • Disconnecting the battery cable underneath.
  • Minimize size of wheelchair. Some airplane loading doors are just 84cm high.
  • Wheelchair parts in bag to prevent them to get soaked in the rain. And less weight in your suite case.
  • Luggage straps to tie down wheelchair parts in bag.
  • Instruction of airport staff how to handle manual breaks and wheelchair during transportation.
Do you have question about how to travel as a disabled? Don't hesitate to email us.

Or read more stories about travelling with a powered wheelchair on my Dutch Blog.


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