Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Medical Tourism in Thailand.

September 25, 2010
San Paulo Hospital

When you search the internet for medical tourism, transgender surgery, treatment of illnesses or kidney dialysis abroad you will find lots of companies who can provide you with information.

Thailand is wellknown for its general / privat hospitals who provide their customers / patients with excellent care. Even beach resort Hua Hin has two privat hospitals and one general hospital.

The first hospital which is fully operational is San Paulo hospital. It is located in the center of town. It is a privat hospital. Next to all kind of medical services they provide also kidney dialysis.

The second hospital is Hua Hin hospital located 5km north from the center. Hua-Hin Hospital is a general hospital with 200 beds facilities. Today, it is tertiary health care center of Traumatic and Cardiac emergency services. Hua Hin Hospital was founded in 1962 and opened by her royal princess Sirindhorn.

And last but not least Bangkok Hospital also located in central Hua Hin. It is still under construction. At this moment the emergency department is already operating. In 2011 outdoor patient department, inpatient department, annual check-up department.

Next to your treatment you will need an accommodation too. Gehandicapten.com can provide excellent wheelchair accessible accommodations within walking distance from the San Paulo and Bangkok hospital. Family and care takers can stay here very comfortable during the treatment. And after treatment you can recover very quickly. Housekeepers will perform all the household duties and can assist with taxi reservations, day tours and transfers to airport and hospital. We can also arrange local care taker for personal care.

The hospitals can be reached by email. Doctors speak and write English. So you can provide them with your medical status and ask for an consultation. But before you do consult your insurance first.

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  1. Thailand has indeed been popular in medical tourism along with plastic surgery in Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, and India. Its nice to have good recommendations of hospitals here. This will really be a great info for patients planning to go to Thailand for medical assistance.