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Accessible Tuck Away.

Januari 21, 2011
Hua Hin over the Hills.

Long, long time ago when I was 20 years old I applied for a job in an institution for mentally and physically disabled children. It was tucked away in the forests near Baarn. Over two hundred kids were living in this "home". Nowerdays no one wants to be put away for any reason. Nowerdays adults and/or children in The Netherlands live at home or in small family like homes in the city with neighbours next door.

In Hua Hin they still don't get the picture. A few months back I wrote a post about "Accessible travel, how to choose" and took an accessible project in the middle of nowhere as an example. Now there is another project (8 pool villas) built behind the Hua Hin Hills also in the middle of nowhere 9 km west from the Sofitel Hotel (see pictures). A pool villa devided into two houses opposite of each other with a shared pool and maids room in between. In case you want some peace and quiet you will get it for sure. In case you want privacy forget it. The road to leave the project is running uphill. Once you get out of the gate there is nothing. The first kilometer is dirt road (wheelchair friendly?), no lightning, no houses, no shops, etc. The second kilometer brings you to another project with the restaurant Palm Bistro. And then it takes 7 km to get into the center or the beach of Hua Hin.  In time 22 minutes. The price 190 Euro per night, 4 pax maximum. Add to this all the expenses for cab fare.

So this kind of locations gives me the creeps. And do you know what is bothering me the most. This Dutch guy doesn't even talk about where his accessible villa is located, because of the distance and the ongoing construction at this project. That is why I have made a movie from this project to the town center. So watch the clock and the distance. It took us 22 minutes to drive into the town center. Even in case you as a handicapped person would like to stay here your care takers probably won't. They want to have some fun when they are of duty.

My opion. Look for an wheelchair accessible place in or near the center of town. For example Pool villa Coconut, Apartment Tira Tiraa, Hyatt Regency hotel, Mariott Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Sofitel Hotel, Prinz Garden Hotel, etc. The first two accommodations have medical equipment, the hotels don't have. But they are all within walking distance of the beach and/or the center of town.
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