Saturday, 19 June 2010

Computers for charity

Hello everyone,
Since we have started to rent out two accommodations in Hua Hin, Thailand we were thinking about a good cause, what to do and what to give. Jan is totally into computers and I as a teacher think education is very important. Jan and I have been using computers since the early 80's. And now after 30 years developments in IT are so fast that every 4 years you need a new computer otherwise you are not able to run your software. So the computers in our accommodations needed replacement. The old once were still working and we were wondering what to do with it.

A search on the internet lead us to the website Hua Hin after dark. Here was a threat about donating computers. The Ham and Bacon shop in Hua Hin at Soi 41 is collecting all kind of computerparts for orphanages and schools. This was the perfect cause to donate our old computers. After making an appointment they came to collect our computers.

We like to thank Martin for picking up these computers and we hope the children will learn how to use a computer. Good Luck.

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