Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Driving in Hua Hin, Thailand

Let's start with this picture. This is me showing my new motorbike. Sure it looks like a moped, but it is really a motorcycle. Just a small one which gets you through traffic easily and fast. Maximum speed around 80km / 50miles an hour.

When you are visiting Thailand you probably will see children as young as 10 years driving a motorbike like this. It is not allowed but no one is stopping them. Even handicapped people can drive these bikes. Sometimes we see a man with a muscular disease standing straight and tied down to his bike. Or we see a bike with a side car and on it a paraplegic man in a wheelchair. But we foreigners are not allowed to drive this bike unless you have a motorcycle driver license. And this is not all. You need an international driver license too. So before you rent a bike like this make sure you are allowed to drive one.

And about the insurance. These rental bikes have only a basic insurance which is obligatory for all bikes. Don't expect more. And the price: around 150 Baht per day. As a driver wear your helmet. Or pay the fine of 200 Baht when the police is waving you over. Be careful when driving. They have some strange traffic rules.

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