Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Thailand “copy copy” and the competition

Many people who have visited Thailand for their holidays know Thai people are very well in copying originals. Tourists buy t-shirts, handbags, underwear, etc. and show them off as originals in their home country.

Since 2001 we are in the rental business. Jan has a lifetime experience in being disabled and using a wheelchair. And I, Hanneke, have worked as a policy maker within the Dutch Disabled Association pushing accessible housing and public transport and as a consultant in adapting inaccessible houses. We have used our experiences and our personal savings to set up wheelchair accessible holiday houses in different places. Now we rent out these wheelchair accessible holiday homes to disabled people. We put our hearts and souls into our business. This is what we do best. And over all these years we have had many happy customers.

Sometimes people try to copy. Now we are experiencing the copy act in Hua Hin, Thailand. We have experienced it before in Hungary and France. Our business is copied by resort developers, condo builders and owners of individual houses. We feel proud our houses and our business are used as an example and worth copying. This competition only stimulates our ongoing effort to satisfy our customers. We even wish our competition good luck in starting up their business. Only the future will learn if they will be as successful as we are today.

However a warning is in its place. You are paying a lot of money to make this trip. So make sure you get your holiday of a lifetime.
• Check the accessibility before making reservations. Do you want to be disappointed due to poor access?
• Check the location. Do you want to stay in a place where you are always in need of a car or a taxi?
• Check if the house or resort is finished? Do you want to stay on a building site during your holiday? Or even worse. Do you want to look for another accommodation short before arrival?
• Check the services. What is included in the price? Do you have to pay additional fees for using medical equipment?

And in case you still doubt the given information feel free to contact us. We know local people who can check it and we are happy to help out.

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