Friday, 18 June 2010

Shopping and entertainment

Shopping in Thailand and shopping in Hua Hin is something different. Big shopping malls in Bangkok offer all brands you are looking for. Small shopping centres in Hua Hin are much alike. The only thing Bangkok and Hua Hin have incommon is the food and drink stalls. Eating and drinking is very important to Thai people. It is their way to come together and meet with friends and family. So in shopping malls, big or small, is always a place to meet, eat and drink. And most of the time these shopping malls have entertainment too.

One of these malls is Plearnwan in Hua Hin near the Index. Build by a Thai man whose father is disabled and uses a wheelchair. So with his father in mind he made his shopping mall accessible for wheelchair users. Perfect. Thank you very much. I'm very happy with this initiative. So I made a little movie to show the accessibility of Plearnwan. Take a look here.

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