Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Protesters gone and visa for free

Here an up-date to the red shirt story. The protesters are gone, the curfew has been lifted since May 30 and Bangkok is safe again. Hurray. Let the tourists come again. They probably can have a bargain when they want to stay for over one month. Because at the Dutch Consulate in Amsterdam 3 weeks ago the tourist visas were free of charge. It will last till March 31, 2011. You can read more about it on the website of
The ministry of foreign affairs, Kingdom Thailand.
And we are really happy. We have followed the news about the protest and riots very close since our arrival in Hua Hin on May 18. We wrote messages to our future guests to give them up dates on the story. And now our guests have decided to come to Hua Hin because it is safe. Seaside resorts like Hua Hin depend on tourists. And Thailand depends on tourisme industry for 7-8% of the BGP.
We are very glad the situation is back to normal. It feels great the government has succeeded in their mission to end the protests. However we regret it came with losses of shops/jobs in the burned down shopping malls, losses of life and injuries.

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